Tumhari Pakhi 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman telling Pakhi what does Ayaan like. She says got it now. She says he does not like healthy food. He says yes, he likes fast cars, video games, crazy cars etc. Pakhi says now I m sure that you don’t want me to go. Thank you. Anshuman stops. Saiyyan………. plays………. She says don’t worry, Ayaan and I won’t go anywhere. He says beware of his naughty acts. Ayaan is planing against Pakhi with Maa ji. Maa ji smiles. Ayaan says I can’t say sorry being Anshuman Rathore’s son. He says we have to do something that she leaves the house.

Maa ji says did you see Kuch Kuch hota hai. He says yes and smiles. Pakhi tells Anshuman if you support me, I will win this war too. She leaves. Anshuman says this is my biggest worry. Pakhi comes home

and thinks of making Ayaan her friend. She takes the cream biscuits and fills toothpaste in it removing the cream. She laughs saying lets see what he does after he eats this biscuits. She says the cookies are now ready and goes to Ayaan.

Maa ji informs Ayaan that Pakhi is coming to his room. Pakhi tries to find him. Ayaan talks to the sky and says I miss you mum, why did you leave me, no one loves me here. He makes her emotional. He says I don’t want to go to boarding school, no one likes me, thats why I don’t like anyone. He says I miss you mum and hugs her photo. Pakhi leaves and Ayaan smiles. Maa ji says our mission is successful, over and out. Pakhi comes to her room and is upset. Anshuman comes home from office and sees her upset. He smiles and says it looks what I could not do, my son will do.

He comes to Pakhi and says Pakhi are you fine, I m sure Ayaan did something. Pakhi says no, I got hurt, if I was in Chittor, I would have cried a lot resting on someone’s shoulder. Anshuman sits by her side and gives his shoulder to her. He says take my shoulder. She smiles and rests her head on it. He does not hold her and says I told you about Ayaan. Pakhi says no one understood him, he is a small kid, why does he do this naughty things, a mum takes care of the baby but Ayaan does not have his mum so he does these things to get everyone’s attention and time.

She says kids wants love from their mum. She says Ayaan does not have any support, he can’t share his prolems with anyone. She says when kids does not get love, it turns out to be hatred. She says he is like this as he does not have his mum. Anshuman tries to understand. Pakhi says Ayaan is not wrong, he misses his mum. She says even I lost my mum very soon when I was small, but I had Bhaisa and Bhabhisa but Ayaan does not have anyone, I saw Ayaan talking to his mum’s photo and crying. She says he did not tell us how much he misses his mum.

She says kids become like this when they don’t get their parent’s attention, they grow up before their age. Anshuman holds her now. Pakhi closes her eyes and smiles. She says I m sorry, I spoke a lot. She leaves. Anshuman says Ayaan talks to his mum’s photo and cried? He did not do this before, I m sure it was his plan. He says its good, Pakhi will leave this way. He eats the cookies and is shocked. Pakhi comes back and sees Anshuman eating the cookies and laughs.

She says why did you had this biscuits, it has toothpaste in it, I made this biscuits for Ayaan. She says I did know you will eat this. She gives her hand and says spit it. He says no. He leaves and she laughs. Its morning, Pakhi is getting ready trying her blouse strings at her back. Anshuman sees her and when she sees him, he turns. She says you are seeing that I can’t do this, can’t you help me. He goes to her and ties the strings. Bairi jiya………………… tumpe piya……………………….. plays………………Pakhi smiles. Anshuman feels tensed doing this. Bol dil se…………….. plays…………..

She looks at him and offers the sindoor box. He fills her maang with the sindoor and she gets happy. She gives him the calender and asks him to mark on it too. He does. She looks at him and then at the calender. Pakhi and Anshuman hear Ayaan’s voice and goes to him. Ayaan and Maa ji try to fool Pakhi. Ayaan says I need something for my school project. Maa ji says I can’t go to wednesday market and bring it as that place is not good. Pakhi asks what is it, tell me, I will bring it.

Ayaan does some emotional blackmail and says I can’t send anyone to the wednesday market. Pakhi says what can I do, I can’t force him to take my help. Ayaan says fine, if you are forcing. Pakhi says tell me what to bring. Ayaan says a nylon rope. Pakhi says what. Ayaan says the teacher asked me to bring it and it should be two metres, Pakhi says ok I will bring it. he says bring it today as its wednesday today and before 2pm as the market closes at 2pm. Pakhi says fine. Anshuman hears all this.

Pakhi says happy now? Ayaan says we will see when you bring it. Anshuman says Ayaan is playing a big game with Pakhi and I should find out about it.

Pakhi goes to the wednesday market. Some goons tease her and Anshuman comes to her rescue. Pakhi suspects Ayaan’s changed behavior.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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