Tumhari Pakhi 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 24th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan coming back home. Lavanya asks Tanya to win Ayaan if she wants to win the challenge. Ayaan gifts a surprise gift to Pakhi. Its a lovely ring and Pakhi likes it. Ayaan asks Pakhi where is the ring which dad gave you. Lavanya says it was not of her size, so she removed it. Pakhi says I like this ring. Tanya says Ayaan, you did not say hi to me. Ayaan says hi. Tanya asks what did you bring for me. Ayaan says nothing, I brought gifts only for family. Tanya says I m staying with you in this house. Pakhi tells Ayaan that I m giving tuition to Tanya to become a good wife so she is here. Ayaan says fine, Tanya will become a good wife if she takes tuition by my mum, my mum is the best, even dad says this.

Pakhi asks Ayaan to freshen up and she will bring

something to drink for him. Pakhi teases Tanya and laughs. Girish tells Anshuman that you should not talk to Tanya like this, as you support her. He asks Anshuman to say sorry to Tanya else Tanya will fight with you. He says think about Ayaan, leave your ego and attitude. Anshuman says why should I say sorry, its not my mistake. Girish says every girl is not like Pakhi who apologizes for others mistakes. Girish thinks Anshuman does not understand. Anshuman messages Tanya that I m sorry. Girish says also write that I should not behaved like this and I will never repeat such mistake again. Anshuman says I can’t do this, its too much, I have an image.

Girish says fine, write cut down one line and send. Anshuman sends the message. Tanya reads the msg and is happy that Anshuman is bending infront of her. She writes I love you baby. She says Pakhi’s husband will come running after me. She calls a spa and takes an appointment. Pakhi makes manga juice for Ayaan and talks to him. Ayaan says I won’t go to school on sports day. Pakhi asks him to become an all rounder. He says I always come 4th, whats the use, my friends tease me, I won’t go. Pakhi encourages him. Tanya says its fine if he does not go. She supports Ayaan. Pakhi says Tanya is wrong and explains Ayaan that a game is not played to win.

Pakhi says we will not bunk on that day and will participate. Ayaan agrees. Tanya tells about their game. Ayaan asks what game. Tanya is about to tell him but Pakhi stops Tanya. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi asks Tanya to keep Ayaan away from their challenge. Tanya taunts Pakhi and says Ayaan will know it one day. Pakhi says why, maybe I will win, Ayaan won’t know about it. Tanya says I m leaving. Maa ji stops Tanya and asks what to make in dinner. Tanya tells her. Maa ji says Ayaan and Anshuman does not like this dishes. Tanya says you know their likes, make what they like. Maa ji says you have to eat with them. Tanya says I will msg you what I want to eat. She leaves. Pakhi is teaching Ayaan tile breaking.

Pakhi says I will teach you by showing you. Look at me now. She ties her saree and says Hayya………. Anshuman stops her pulling her to him. She falls on him and Saiyyan plays…………… She hugs him. Anshuman says what were you doing. Pakhi tells him about Ayaan’s sport day and she was teaching him to break the tiles. Pakhi says I was in the video how to do it. Ayaan says nothing happens by watching video. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi says you are saying like you are black belt. He says I m a black belt seriously. She looks at his belt.

Anshuman says Ayaan look at me, how I do. He removes his coat and Pakhi asks Sukhi to remove one tile. Anshuman asks for more two tiles. Pakhi gets worried. Anshuman gets ready and breaks the tile. Ayaan hugs him saying wow dad. Pakhi claps for him. Ayaan says you are my hero dad. Pakhi cares for Anshuman’s hand and blows on it. Saiyyan……….. plays………… Anshuman looks at her and smiles.

Ayaan and Anshuman ask for food. Ramesh says Tanya did not ask us to make anything. Anshuman scolds Tanya. Pakhi confronts Tanya for such a big mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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