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The Episode starts with Girish asking Pakhi to differentiate between Anshuman and Aryaman, as she can identify Anshuman by his touch. Anuja asks Pakhi to go. She comes to the ICU and thinks of Anshuman and their moments. She thinks about language of touch, which is just a feeling. She sees Anshuman/Aryaman lying on the bed unconscious. She comes to him and thinks of Anshuman’s touch. She gets very tensed and keeps her hand in his hand. She is shocked and cries. She moves back from him and runs out. She goes to the morgue and Anshuman/Aryaman. She sees his face uncovering the cloth. She cries seeing him and thinks of her marriage with Anshuman, his touch which she has observed many times. She holds his hand and caresses his face.

She thinks about Anshuman filling sindoor to her and says Anshuman…..

I m your Pakhi. She cries losing her Anshuman forever. She thinks of her words that he looks cute while sleeping as a small kid. She says Anshuman get up, I came, lets go home, talk to me. She thinks of her words that he said she will miss him when is not alive. She thinks of the kamarbandh which he gifted her. She shows him the kamarbandh and asks him to get up by the sound of the ghungroos. She throws the kamarbandh and it breaks. She asks him to get up. She says there is no Pakhi without her Anshuman. She says I m your Pakhi Anshuman, get up. She thinks about their old moments. She hugs him and cries. Some best moments of Anshuman and Pakhi are shown in FB. Anuja waits outside waiting for Pakhi and her reply.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and her mind has all his sweet memories. She thinks about Dhola Maaru, who get separated later after union. Girish consoles Anuja. She cries and says why did Lord punish them. Girish says we can’t tell anything to Lavanya and Pakhi went to find out is her husband alive or dead. Anuja says Pakhi and he says I will see her. Pakhi walks in the corridor thinking of Anshuman’s words that he will never leave him, and his love will never end. She sees a nurse with some scissors and looks at it. She walks towards her and takes the scissor to kill herself. The nurse stops her. She says I want to die, leave me. Girish comes and stops her.

Anuja slaps her and says think about Ayaan. Pakhi says Maa Anshuman is no more. She hugs Anuja and ccries. Anuja asks her to calm down and consoles her. Pakhi says I want to go to Anshuman. Anuja says no, think about Ayaan, I lost my son but don’t want to lose you. Suman hears this and says Anshuman is dead, it means Aryaman is alive, if he knows I kidnapped Pakhi, he will be angry, I will manage him, my plan is alive now. She leaves. Pakhi says I have to go to Ayaan. Ayaan looks for Anshuman everywhere calling out dad. Pakhi comes in his ward and panics on not finding him. Girish says lets see outside.

Ayaan sees Anshuman taken away, and his face getting covered. He understands he is dead now and shouts dad…….. he faints by the shock. Anuja and Pakhi looks for Ayaan. Pakhi sees him and holds him. Pakhi calls the doctor. Ayaan keeps repeating dad. The doctor says he is stable now and will be conscious, but we won’t hide anything, he has seen his father’s dead body and is in trauma, he can go in depression or coma. He is a small kid and is in shock, please explain him that his father is no more, if he gets any shock, his life will be in risk. Pakhi is stunned.

Pakhi says nothing will happen to Ayaan and says I know what I have to do. She talks to Aryaman and asks him to be Anshuman for Ayaan’s sake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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