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The Episode starts with Anuja telling Girish that we will see Pakhi. Suman asks her goons to leave, as she will see what to do with Pakhi, what will happen with 40 lakhs, she is worth crores. She says she did what Aryaman could not do. Everyone get worried as Pakhi is not at home. Girish says we will make police report, and tells about Anshuman, Aryaman, Ayaan and Pakhi missing. The inspector tells about Anshuman’s car accident. Girish is shocked and tells Anuja that they have rush to hospital. They get tensed and leave. Pakhi gets conscious and looks around, finding herself tied. She says I was at home, how did they do this. Anshuman and Ayaan also did not come home, there is something wrong, I have to leave from here.

She frees her hands and holds the rope. She shouts that there is a snake

here, I m afraid. The goons come and asks her whats her problem. She says its there, please kill it, I m afraid of it. She runs sending them ahead in darkness. They run to catch her. She gets out of that place and runs on the road. She asks the man which is this place and says she wants to make a call. She calls Anshuman and gets the number unavailable. She then calls Girish and he asks where is she. She says I m on Chandigarh Shimla highway. He says I m coming to take you, be there. Suman slaps the goons for making Pakhi run. She says I went to see Aryaman at hospital. She would have told everything to police, just run from this city.

Suman gets a call that police is coming here. Suman says till Bittu is alive, first plan is at place. Girish and Anuja get Pakhi and she says some goons kidnapped me, I think Anshuman and Ayaan are in danger, I will call police. He says sit in the car, Anshuman’s car met with an accident, we are going hospital. They leave and come to the hospital. Pakhi asks about Anshuman. The nurse says doctors are treating him, Ayaan is fine, you can see him. Pakhi runs to see Ayaan.

The doctor says he did not get wounds, but is in state of shock, he will cope up spending time with family. Anuja says Anshuman and Aryaman will be fine, I prayed for my sons, nothing will happen to them. Pakhi says where is Anshuman I have to go to him. Anshuman is in OT and Pakhi waits outside. Anshuman dies. The doctor comes out and says the accident was fatal, they both were hurt, one was very critical, his vital organs were damaged, the second one was fine and we could save him. Girish says what do you mean. The doctor says we tried our best, we have saved only one from them. Everyone is shocked.

Girish says who from them. The doctor says they look the same, so we did not identify them, I m really very sorry, you have to and identify who is Anshuman and who is Aryaman. One is shifted in ICU and other body to a room. He asks Girish to go. Anuja and Pakhi break down. Girish goes to the ICU and sees its Anshuman, as he is not having moustache. He says this is Anshuman. The nurse says see the dead body also. He says Aryaman has having moustache. He comes to the dead body and is shocked to see its not having moustache, and gets confused thinking who died.

Girish cries and comes to Pakhi and Anuja. He tells Pakhi that they look Xerox copy and he can’t understand who is Anshuman and who is Aryaman. I m sorry Pakhi, doctors were right, I felt I can identify Anshuman, as Aryaman has moustache, but they both are clean shaven. He asks Pakhi to go and find out which one is Anshuman. He says you know the touch of Anshuman. She cries. She comes to see the one in the ICU. She thinks of Anshuman’s words. She looks at him.

Pakhi touches his hand and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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