Tumhari Pakhi 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 21st February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya being confident that she will make Pakhi lose. Anshuman asks Pakhi to tie the knot of his tie. Pakhi does not respond. She is dressing her hair. He ties it himself and says how can I tie this. He says I have an important meeting and I have to go, I m getting late and the one who knows this is ignoring me. Pakhi says ask Tanya to do this, you wanted a change right. Anshuman asks what. Pakhi says did you forget about the challenge, when I go, she will have to do this. Anshuman says yes, she will do it. He says thanks for the suggestion, I will not ask you from today. He calls Tanya. Tanya comes and thinks about Pakhi’s words.

Anshuman asks Tanya to tie the knot in his tie. Tanya smiles and says sure. Anshuman smiles looking at Pakhi. Pakhi

sees them and says till I get divorce I m Anshuman’s wife and he is a stranger to you. Pakhi says don’t touch Anshuman. Tanya says how will I tie it without touching him. Pakhi says this way. Anshuman likes Pakhi’s idea. Lavanya asks the servant for the stole. Girish gives it to her and smiles. Lavanya says don’t touch me. I thought I will tell the truth to Anshuman to get rid of you but you and Pakhi stuck to us. She says go to hell, I will remove everything connected to you from my life. Vikram comes and is shocked to see them fighting.

Lavanya is shocked to see him. He says I m sorry for coming like this, I need an important file. Girish says sorry for this. Vikram says I know its tough to deal with pregnant wives. Lavanya gives the file to him. Vikram says I will leave now. Lavanya says Vikram is my new business partner, talk to him well. Girish says care for your life partner also. Lavanya leaves. Tanya is trying to do the tie. Anshuman gets a meeting reminder. Pakhi enjoys this. Tanya says the tie is ready. Anshuman sees its bad. He asks is this a tie. He shouts on her and says Pakhi is better than you. Tanya says enough Anshuman, will you talk to Tanya Rana like this, I don’t have time for all this. She says how can you compare me with Pakhi. She leaves.

Pakhi says it was not a big issue that she banged the door. Anshuman says yes. Pakhi says she shpuld know all this. Anshuman says what did I tell her, how can I go wearing such a small tie. Pakhi says yes, you are late for the meeting. Anshuman says Tanya won’t understand. Tanya packs her bag and says I won’t stay here now. Lavanya comes and asks where are you going. Maa ji called me here. Tanya says i can’t live with Anshuman, he shouted on me, he is like every men. Lavanya says its the first day and you are going, great. See how Pakhi managed for three months.

She says remember, if you go from here, it will be losing the game to Pakhi. Anshuman says how will I wear this tie now. Pakhi says give it, I will do it. Bairi jiya……………plays…………………. Anshuman smiles looking at her. Bol dil se……………….plays……………. She says see it, is it fine. He says yes, and loosens her hair getting close to her. He says now its fine.

Tanya asks Anshuman to have breakfast as she prepared for him. Anshuman says I can’t be more late. Pakhi says I know, but you can’t go empty stomach. Anshuman says Pakhi cares so much for me, you are so sweet, I will have breakfast in the meeting. Anshuman leaves. Tanya is upset. Pakhi sees a variety Tanya made. She praises the food. Tanya thinks I did this for Anshuman and he did not even see. Pakhi taunts Tanya. Tanya gets angry. She says you made good food but try to give some love to Anshuman next time. Tanya looks at her.

Tanya gets the breakfast bill of Rs. 3000. Tanya argues with Pakhi. Girish is making Anshuman feel that Tanya is not good for her. He asks Anshuman to say sorry to Tanya. Anshuman says why should I say sorry to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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