Tumhari Pakhi 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman and Pakhi talking to Ayaan and wishing him happy holi. Anshuman says Pakhi gave me this idea to color you first. Ayaan says I came here to see whether you both have applied color to each other. He says come on, do that now. Anshuman looks at Pakhi. He applies her color. Bol dil se ……………plays…………… He says happy holi. Pakhi smiles and apply color to him wishing happy holi. Ayaan says apply more color. Pakhi says later. Pakhi tells him about holi in Chittor. Pakhi applies full color on his face. Anshuman applies color only to her nose and she smiles. Saiyyan………plays…………. Girish wishes Lavanya happy holi and she gets angry on him.

Girish and Lavanya have an argument. Girish says you don’t love Vikram, but me, you are

acting to make me jealous. Lavanya says you are mistaken. She says he is coming today and about my lie, it will be over soon, don’t worry. Girish says no Lavanya, now I will end this drama. Tanya gets late and is not ready. She says wait and watch and see how I get ready. Ayaan colors the water and every tap has colored water. Tanya is shocked to see red water and can’t freshen up and take a bath. She shouts Maa ji. Ayaan smiles and runs.

Tanya scolds Maa ji and asks whats going on. Maa ji says Ayaan did this, he is naughty. Tanya says I will see Ayaan. Tanya does the arrangements well. She applies color to Pakhi. Pakhi tells her that Anshuman colored her in the morning. Tanya and Pakhi wish each other happy holi. Tanya says I told you about a surprise, you will not like it. Pakhi says I will wait. Tanya taunts her.

The Holi starts. All the guests come and the party is grand at Anshuman’s house. Anshuman meets his guests. Girish comes with Lavanya and wishes Anshuman happy holi. Anshuman laughs. Ayaan plays holi. Pakhi and Tanya come there and meets everyone. Girish tells Pakhi that she is like his sister. Lavanya says Tanya did good arrangements, I m impressed. She says Anshuman should compliment Tanya.

Mr. Rana comes and hugs Anshuman. He says you have kept my daughter here and we could not keep any party at out home. Tanya hugs her dad. Mr. Rana says I hope this holi is the last one for Pakhi. Girish talks to Pakhi and says there should be something interesting. Anshuman meets his contractor in the party. He asks where is your wife and thinks its Tanya. He says I have brought a gift, sindoor, apply it, it will be good. Anshuman says actually….. the man says come on apply to her. Anshuman looks at Pakhi. The man asks him to apply it to Tanya. Everyone looks on.

Anshuman stops seeing Tanya. The man asks what happened. He says actually….. The man says come on, it’s a blessing. Anshuman is about to put it but Tanya stops him. She says I don’t deserve this right now. She says I m not his wife. She brings Pakhi there. Mr. Rana is shocked. Tanya says she is his wife. The man greets him and says sorry. Anshuman fills the sindoor in Pakhi’s maang smiling. Girish makes the dhol plays. Pakhi and Anshuman smile seeing each other.

Bol dil se…………. plays………… The servants play the holi and have a talk. Anshuman and Pakhi have thandais. Anshuman and Pakhi dance on the song Mai to yaara tere sadqe ishq sikha…………… tum hi ho bandhu…………. Everyone look at them. Ayaan says I like my dad like this. Girish smiles. Lavanya thinks Girish mixed the Bhaang in their drinks and is angry. She tells Mr. Rana about it. Vikram comes and colors Lavanya. She smiles. Girish looks at them.

Tanya feels angry seeing Anshuman and Pakhi getting closer. Lavanya dances with Vikram. Mr. Rana asks Lavanya to stop Anshuman. Anshuman lifts Pakhi in his arms and hugs her. Lavanya makes him leave her. Lavanya scolds Anshuman for embarrassing everyone. Anshuman laughs. She says Mr. Rana is much annoyed. She says behave yourself and says think of your image. She makes him sit in the shower and asks him to have a bath and he will feel better. She thinks of Tanya and goes to her. Lavanya knocks Tanya’s door and says talk to me once, I will make everything fine, open the door. Tanya is resting.

Lavanya says Anshuman has to talk to Tanya. Lavanya goes back to Anshuman. Vikram stops Lavanya and she thinks its Girish. Vikram smiles seeing her. Pakhi comes to Anshuman with colors again. They laugh. She brings sweets. Saiyyan…………plays………… They have a laugh.

Lavanya says Anshuman and Pakhi together. Anshuman and Pakhi talk to each other and are drunk. Anshuman falls and she laughs. They are about to kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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