Tumhari Pakhi 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi making the rangoli. Girish says you made a nice rangoli, its tough to make. He praises her. Pakhi smiles. Lavanya and Tanya have a talk about Pakhi. Lavanya asks Tanya to learn from Pakhi. Tanya says its Anshuman’s mistake. She says I did so much for him and whats the result. Girish says Tanya lost. Pakhi says Anshuman did that as he is good, he loves Tanya, not me. Tanya says I feel Anshuman loves Pakhi and not able to tell me. Lavanya says don’t be mad, don’t think so. She explains Lavanya to keep Pakhi at logger heads and win over her.

Anshuman comes out and sees Pakhi. Anshuman and Pakhi have a talk. Tanya comes there getting ready. Anshuman looks at her Indian outfit. He says I… Tanya says I m sorry. Amnshuman smiles and says you are looking

good. Tanya says I love you Anshuman. Lavanya smiles. She says even you are looking good. Anshuman says ya its comfortable. Pakhi calls him for puja. Anshuman says I don’t know how to do the puja. Pakhi says its simple and shows him how to burn Holika. They do the puja together. Everyone looks on.

They burn the Holika. Saiyyan……………plays……………. Tanya is side lined. Tanya taunts Pakhi. Tanya and Pakhi have an argument. Tanya says you will get a gift tomorrow on holi day, I have planned a good surprise for you which you won’t like. I will have fun. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman looks at them. Pakhi prays and Tanya says you might be praying to get rid of me. Pakhi says I wish good for everyone. I m praying for Anshuman and Ayaan.

Girish takes the rounds with Lavanya. He asks Anshuman to take rounds with Pakhi. They come home and Lavanya talks to Vikram. Girish gets jealous. Lavanya tells Vikam that their plan is working. Vikram says I will come in holi party but till when will we do this drama. Lavanya says I don’t know. Lavanya says she is still connected with Girish. Vikram says you think a lot, leave that man as he has cheated you.

Anshuman plans for holi party. Tanya does the arrangements and Anshuman is happy seeing this. Tanya says the house’s respect is first and I can’t low the standard because of any challenge. Anshuman is glad seeing Tanya manage so well. Tanya asks Anshuman why are you looking like this. He says I m feeling something. She says sorry once again, what I did was wrong. She says you and Pakhi stay in same room, and I don’t have a problem, I trust your love. Anshuman feels Tanya is really nice. Anshuman thinks Tanya is behaving like Pakhi.

Its morning, Pakhi comes to Anshuman and sees him sleeping. She says he looks so innocent while sleeping, no one can say he is so rude. She says she has to bring Ayaan and Anshuman closer. She falls on Anshuman and he wakes up. Their heads bump. She says happy holi. He says happy holi to you too.
Ayaan comes to the servants to apply them holi. Ayaan comes to Anshuman’s room. Anshuman and Pakhi hide under the bed. Ayaan thinks where did they go. Anshuman and Pakhi catch Ayaan and put color on him. They look a perfect family. Ayaan laughs.

Tanya and Pakhi have a talk. Tanya tells her about the surprise. Anshuman applies sindoor to Pakhi. They drink Bhaang and dances. Mr. Rana looks at them and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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