Tumhari Pakhi 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Vikram Raichand coming to meet Lavanya. She gets feet sprain and Girish asks him to teach him how to handle it. Vikram Raichand shows him how to help in the time of sprain. Lavanya tries to make Girish jealous. Vikram Raichand leaves. Lavanya says its a matter of few days. Anshuman calls Girish and says Pakhi came back. Lavanya is shocked. Girish says Anshuman’s good days will not come back. Anshuman talks to a lawyer and asks Tanya to agree with Pakhi’s condition. Tanya argues with him. Tanya is upset. Anshuman says whats the problem in this challenge. She says I don’t have to do this. He says you will win, I m sure. She says no, she is very clever, she planned this. Pakhi is not simple, she is very dangerous. Anshuman says Pakhi is a very nice human

being, she is annoyed with me as I did wrong with her. She can’t even think of hurting anyone.

Tanya says what do you want, I should lose and get out of this house. He says I regret, I m feeling guilty, I had to say sorry to her. He says if Pakhi loses in this challenge, I will not feel guilty and she will leave, you won’t get a chance to prove you are better than Pakhi. Lavanya comes and taunts Pakhi. She asks why did you come back. Tanya tells them everything. Pakhi smiles. Tanya tells about the challenge. Lavanya says what. Tanya says if I win, I will marry Anshuman, if she loses, she will give divorce to Anshuman. Tanya says I accept your challenge Pakhi.

Pakhi says I want the real face to come infront of Anshuman, lets start from today. Pakhi tells Lavanya about the challenge that was given to her. Girish says about managing the house in budget. Pakhi says thanks, and asks Tanya to manage the house for one week in Rs. 80000. Girish says but you were given Rs. 60000. Pakhi says I don’t cheat, that time they cheated with him. She says I will give you Rs. 90000. Girish says I remember. Pakhi says now I manage the house in Rs. 40000 only. She says everyone tried to make me fail. I felt they are with me, but no one was with me. But no one will cheat Tanya. It will be a fair game and you have Anshuman with you. Girish says fine Pakhi, Anshuman is not less. He asks what do you think. Pakhi says its a clause in divorce papers.

Pakhi asks Anshuman to give Rs. 90000 to Tanya. Anshuman looks on. Girish smiles. Pakhi says I know you are very rich, but don’t forget your budget is Rs. 90000, don’t use money from your side, else you will lose. Tanya says you keep my credit cards. Pakhi says no, I trust everyone, I will make sure no one breaks my trust now. Pakhi asks Tanya to bring her belongings as she has to stay here for one week. She taunts Tanya and smiles.

Lavanya asks what are you doing Anshuman. Girish says what can he do, he has to agree, if Tanya loses, his image is in danger. Anshuman says thats true. He says Pakhi did not ask money. He says I have to support her and I will. I m with Tanya but i did wrong with Pakhi. Its fair. Pakhi hears this. Tanya comes with so many bags. Pakhi says why so many, did you come to live here forever. Tanya calls Anshuman. Pakhi asks the servants to keep the luggage in guest room. Pakhi says welcome. Tanya calls out Anshuman. Anshuman brings the money and gives it to her. Tanya says its good you asked me to manage, I will learn it. Pakhi wishes her all the best.

Pakhi makes tea for Anshuman. Saiyyan…………plays………… Anshuman looks at Pakhi. Girish says I m happy and fresh, I don’t need tea. Lavanya says why is Pakhi changed, she is ruling over everyone like she will never go, whats happening. Girish says see how she is taking Anshuman’s care. Pakhi comes to Tanya and throws her sandals in dustbin. Tanya asks why did you throw it in dustbin. Tanya says what are you doing. Pakhi says this is my room.

Pakhi scolds the servant and asks him to keep it in guest room. Tanya gets angry and says this is not right what you are doing, you will have to pay for this insult. Pakhi says there is much insult pending. She says you are not Anshuman’s wife and taunts her. She asks her to go to the guest room. Tanya says I came to see what to change here. They have an argument. Pakhi says you can go now. Tanya leaves. Pakhi smiles.

Tanya is careless about the money. Anshuman applies sindoor to Pakhi and Tanya enters. Pakhi scolds her for disturbing them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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