Tumhari Pakhi 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish announcing the rules and starting the game. Tanya says I will serve first. Ayaan wishes Pakhi all the best and also Tanya. Ayaan signs Girish and smiles keeping a banana skin. Maa ji praises Tanya and bets on her. Girish says lets start the game now. Tanya serves. Anshuman and everyone looks on. Tanya and Pakhi play well. Girish cheers for Pakhi. Tanya wins the first serve. Lavanya claps for her. Ayaan writes the points on the board. The game continues.

Pakhi leads than Tanya. Their score becomes equal. Tanya runs towards the banana skin and Pakhi sees it. Pakhi saves her. Anshuman asks from where did that come and scolds the servants. Tanya hits on Pakhi’s face and Pakhi loses the game. Anshuman feels bad. Tanya wins the game and becomes Anshuman’s

partner in the doubles game. Pakhi says well played. Tanya says thanks. Tanya says you are a bad player, you lost and would have made Anshuman lost. Pakhi asks her to be careful. Tanya argues with her and says I will always win, why don’t you go from here. Pakhi says our game is big, be prepared, I won’t help you in that. Tanya says I will win, wait and watch.

Ayaan talks to Pakhi and is annoyed as Pakhi made Tanya win. Vikram comes to meet Lavanya and Girish looks at them. Lavanya introduces him to Anshuman and everyone. Vikram says I heard many good things about Anshuman. Anshuman says good to see you. Pakhi greets him. Lavanya says he is my business partner, he has shoe business, he has given me a big contract. Lavanya asks Girish to take rest as she will be playing with Vikram.

Vikram says alright, game on. Lavanya asks Girish to sit and see the match and thanks him for giving her the idea to call Vikram. Tanya and Anshuman play well. Anshuman says it does not look you are hurt. She says its because of your presence. Pakhi asks Girish about his fight with Lavanya. Girish says it was a small thing. Girish says look at Lavanya, she is happy. She says I don’t know how to play this well. Lavanya tells Vikram that Girish is jealous seeing us. Vikram says its good, lets make him more jealous. Vikram hugs Lavanya and Anshuman hugs Tanya.

Girish says you could not said no to Tanya’s match. He says this chance was good for you. Pakhi says it does not matter, Anshuman does not love me, I m here to make Anshuman and Ayaan’s relation strong and to bring out Tanya’s truth, then I have to go. Tanya asks Anshuman to play well. Lavanya says Vikram we will win. Vikram misses a shot. Pakhi says Lavanya can’t win without you. Pakhi laughs. Her back zip opens. Anshuman sees that.

Anshuman gets worried seeing that and runs to Pakhi. He hugs her. Saiyyan…………..plays…………… Pakhi and everyone are shocked. He locks the zip. Pakhi thanks him. Tanya gets angry and leaves the game. Anshuman comes to Tanya and asks what happened, why did you leave the game. She says you left the game. He says you know why I went to her, her dress zip was opening, she would have been embarrassed. Tanya says she did that intentionally to make me lose. Anshuman says no one will do that. He talks in favor of Pakhi. Tanya says we lost because of you. They have an argument.

He says he can do anything for Pakhi. She has saved his image and took all the blame on herself. Ayaan asks Anshuman to get ready to burn Holika. Anshuman says get ready Tanya. Tanya says I won’t come and argues. She says go and celebrate with Pakhi. He leaves. Lavanya talks to Vikram. She asks him to sit. Vikram sees the family photos. Lavanya dresses beautifully. Vikram says sorry, who was that girl with Anshuman, whom he hugged. Lavanya says Pakhi is his wife. She says Tanya is going to become his wife. She tells him about Anshuman and Pakhi’s marriage.

She says Tanya is Mr. Rana’s daughter. Tanya and Anshuman love each other, they are waiting for Pakhi to give him divorce. She can’t force her to leave. Vikram says Anshuman cares for her a lot. He says if I was like you, I would have given divorce to Girish. He says if relations does not have love, why to bear them. Pakhi does the arrangements for Holika and makes Rangoli also. She thinks its her first and maybe last holi with Anshuman. She wishes that every worry burns today.

Ayaan troubles Tanya by mixing color in water. Tanya taunts Pakhi. Pakhi answers her well. Tanya behaves like Pakhi. Anshuman is amazed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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