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The Episode starts with Suman coming to see Aryaman. Anshuman is being treated as he is very critical and takes Pakhi’s name. He says call Pakhi and shouts. Suman sees this and then sees Aryaman wounded and lying. She says they look so same. She thinks about Aryaman and her in FB. She is his girlfriend. He was not agreeing to kidnap a kid, and says its Sandeep’s plan. She convinced him to kidnap Ayaan if he loves her. She says how will we marry if you don’t get much money, lets get 20 crores and out life will be set, we will marry and have children. She says then give the kid back. His real name was Bittu. Aryaman tosses and looks on.

Suman thinks he could not do it. The doctor come to treat Aryaman now. She hears he is sinking and they have to shift him to big hospital. Suman thinks

if Anshuman dies, its fine, but if Aryaman dies, no, I can’t leave this chance, I will do what he could not do. She says there is no one here from Rathore family, till my work is done, no one will know where are they. Girish keeps calling Aryaman. Anuja gets worried. They try to find out. The door bell rings and Girish says who is it. He opens the door and its Suman.

She says I came from orphanage, Anshuman called me to take donation. Girish says he is not at home. She asks when will he come. He says don’t know. She says can I wait here for sometime. Girish says fine, come. She smiles and gets inside. She looks around the house and thinks he was being here, so could not kidnap the kid, it looks a palace. The power goes and she smiles. She runs upstairs hiding from them. Anuja asks Ashok to see the lights. Two men also come in hiding.

Suman comes in and sees Pakhi sleeping. She uses some chloroform on her and the men kidnap her. Maha ji lights the candles. She comes out and hides seeing Anuja.Suman hides and crosses the distance. Maha ji lights the candles and does not see her. She makes Maha ji fall. Suman and the goons take her and try to leave fast. She comes back and sits there. The power comes. Suman says will he come late, fine I will come later. She leaves. Suman leaves with Pakhi. Bhaisa and Bhabhisa come to meet Pakhi. Anuja welcomes them. Girish asks how did they come. Bhaisa says we came to meet Pakhi and Anuja. Bhabhisa gives a saree as Nek for the festival. Bhabhisa asks about Pakhi. Anuja says she is in room. Bhaisa asks about Anshuman and Ayaan.

Girish says they are not at home, Pakhi kept fast and fainted by hunger, so she is resting. They get worried. Anuja says she is tired, come. She will be happy seeing you. They are shocked to see Pakhi is not in her room, Girish calls her and her phone is also there on the bed. Everyone start worrying and feel this is strange. Anuja says where did she go.

Everyone is worried for Pakhi and Anshuman. Girish comes to know Anshuman met with an accident. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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