Tumhari Pakhi 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish proving to Pakhi that Anshuman understands her language of touch. He asks Pakhi to go back to Anshuman and complete her story. Anshuman smokes and stops. Tanya asks what happened, whats the matter with you. He says nothing. She reminds him about their Paris trip. She says you want to talk to Pakhi, but Pakhi did not give you a chance to apologize as she wants you to be restless, think how we should be. Anshuman says I want to meet her. She says think I m Pakhi, tell me everything, shout, bring it out. Anshuman says it can’t be like that. Tanya says I won’t be infront of you, you stand here and say it aloud.

Anshuman sees Pakhi coming and is shocked. He thinks its his imagination, she really goes when he sees again. He sees her again. Saiyyan…………….

plays……………… Anshuman shouts I m sorry Pakhi. Pakhi hears him and cries standing there. He says I did wrong with you, I could not understand you, your goodness, I did not tell you the truth, I am weak. Forgive me once, then see my pride is over. Anshuman starts crying and breaks down. Pakhi comes there infront of him and says Anshuman. Tanya is shocked to see Pakhi.

Pakhi says lets have breakfast first. Lavanya and Girish have an argument. She asks him not to follow her. He says I m sorry. Pakhi brings Anshuman to have breakfast and appears normal. Tanya comes fuming and asks what are you doing here. Tanya gets angry and asks why did you come here, what do you want. Pakhi too gets angry. Anshuman is stuck in between them. Pakhi says Anshuman is my priority, he is my husband, I know he did not had anything from yesterday. She says this is the difference between wife and outsider. She says I want to do whats right, and you want to do what you think is right.

She says this house is mine. Anshuman is my husband and I m his legal lawful wife. Tanya taunts her and says Anshuman will give your divorce and marry me. Pakhi challenges Tanya to prove her that she can be a better wife and a better mum than her. She says I should know on whom responsibility I m leaving my husband and son. She says I will not give you divorce till then.

Tanya says stop this drama now. Take money and leave from here. Pakhi says I won’t go silently, if you want to marry Anshuman, I will have to give him divorce. She reminds Anshuman about marriage registration. Pakhi and Tanya have an argument. Pakhi taunts Tanya well. She says this is my condition, don’t wait I will go from here. She says this matter can go out from the house and it will ruin everyone’s image. Anshuman looks on. Pakhi says its better if we sort out this at home.

Anshuman asks Tanya to agree. Pakhi challenges Tanya and Tanya accepts her challange.

Update Credit to: Amena

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