Tumhari Pakhi 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 17th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish explaining to Pakhi why she should stay with Anshuman and Ayaan. She says you can’t leave them with Tanya. Tanya does not love him. You have changed Anshuman. Today, he has humanity in him. Can’t you see the difference. Pakhi says Anshuman cares about his image, if he breaks my trust again, I can’t bear, I will die, let me go please. Girish says yes, Anshuman is image conscious but think why he is so, the time has made him that. He says did you think why Anshuman became so, he was very small when his dad kicked out his mum on bad character charges. He shows her the articles. Pakhi is shocked reading it. He tells her how people made fun of his mother and him.

He used to cry with Lavanya, then he started fighting to the society, then he became

image conscious. He says its only you who can make him the old Anshuman and make him fearless, he needs you. Anshuman can live without you but what about Ayaan. Ayaan will become like Anshuman one day, equating relations with money. He says what if I make you sure that Anshuman loves you. He says till Anshuman knows Tanya’s truth, don’t go Pakhi. Girish says lets go home, everyone are waiting for you.

Anshuman at home thinks about Pakhi and the moments spent with her. He looks at the Lord’s idol and tries to sleep. Saiyyan………… plays. He thinks of her in everything, looking at the sindoor box. Its morning, Anshuman gets ready for office. He misses Pakhi a lot. He thinks of Pakhi again and again. Anshuman sees a house and flowers. Its from Tanya. She kisses him and wishes happy valentine’s day. She gives him a car with news report of the merger. She says your company shares are touching heights. She gives him the merger papers. She says this is our first villa model. She says now we are going to have a home, it will be fun to make homes for others.

She asks where is my gift. He says actually…… She says its ok, take me for breakfast. Anshuman gets a call from office about his meeting. Tanya says you have to come with me. He says I have to go. She says you mean you are cancelling our date, alright, I need only you, lets go together. Anshuman comes to the bank with Tanya. Girish and Pakhi are there looking at Anshuman. Girish says the bank manager is my friend, he will do as we say.

Pakhi says I don’t think this…….. Girish says this is the time to know the truth, give me a chance to show that Anshuman loves you, he understands your language of touch. The assistant asks Anshuman to give his finger prints. Pakhi touches his hand. Saiyyan……………… plays………………. Girish looks on. Pakhi looks at Anshuman. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman feels Pakhi’s touch and turns to see. He thinks I felt like it was Pakhi’s touch. Pakhi and Girish looks on. Anshuman looks at his hand and touches it. He thinks about Pakhi’s words.

Anshuman shouts I m sorry Pakhi. Pakhi comes infronf of Anshuman and says asks him to sign the divorce papers. She says I want to challenge Tanya and want her to prove that she will be a better wife and mum than me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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