Tumhari Pakhi 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aryaman arguing with Sandeep asking him to let him take Ayaan home today as his mum kept a fast for him. Sandeep says no, I knew you will turn so I came with preparations. Sandeep asks his goons to beat Aryaman. Ayaan asks why are they beating him. Ayaan comes to save him and hugs Aryaman. Aryaman says Ayaan, leave the lid. He asks Ayaan to run fast. Anshuman is on the way. Aryaman beats the goons. Ayaan looks on. Ayaan beats the goon with a stick and he slaps Ayaan. Aryaman saves Ayaan and runs with him. The goons follow them.

Pakhi comes home and asks Maha ji about Ayaan. Maha ji says Anshuman went to take Ayaan from school. Lavanya says I think they went to buy a kamarbandh for you. Pakhi smiles. Anuja asks them to get ready as brides today. Aryaman runs with Ayaan

and comes on the main road. The hide in the trees and the goons look for them. Ayaan asks Aryaman why are they after us. Aryaman says he is playing a prank with us. Ayaan asks who are they. Aryaman says now we will play prank with us. The goons catch them and they run again.

Aryaman beats them and asks Ayaan to run. Anshuman comes there and sees Aryaman and Ayaan running on the road. He asks Anshuman to take Ayaan and go. Anshuman leaves. Ayaan tells Anshuman that Aryaman’s life is in danger, he has saved me. The goons beat up Aryaman. Ayaan convinces Anshuman to go back and save Aryaman as Anuja kept a fast for him. Aryaman falls on the car. Anshuman says come sit fast. Anshuman beats the goons to save Aryaman.

They sit in the car and leave. Aryaman asks why did you come to save me after getting Ayaan. Anshuman asks who are you. I did your DNA and blood tests again. Aryaman says if you knew this, why did you come back. Anshuman says you should have taken Ayaan, then why not. Ayaan sleeps in the car. Aryaman says I got tangles in the family’s love. He says I did not have mum, not I have mum and family, so I got touched and changed. Anshuman hears him. Aryaman says you risked your life and came to take me, I m ashamed, your son is like me, who did not have mum in childhood, no one loved me as mum and now I got her.

The goons go after them. He says I will kidnap Ayaan tomorrow, I m bad. Anshuman says don’t fool me, if you know love and then you will understand it. The ladies does the puja at home. Pakhi looks gorgeous. Anuja smiles and says you are looking very beautiful. Lavanya smiles. They take their children’s name and pray for the long life, wellness, happiness. The goons hit Anshuman’s car and Aryaman shouts to be careful. All the mums thinks about their children and pray for them. Anshuman tries to control the car.

The car accident happens as the car rolls over and falls into a valley.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I Bet Anshuman will die and Arymaan will live and Anshuman will tell Aryman to take care the family…OMG if this happens it will be so sad…NOoooooooooo I dont want that to happen at all

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