Tumhari Pakhi 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pakhi acts if veer is admitted to hospital, Pakhi tells that veer got unconscious, he will be in observation, Jiji says we all will come, Pakhi points to Riay, Riay falls on floor deliberately and says that I cant stand even, Pakhi says ok Jiji and nandini will stay with you here. Pakhi leaves.
Veer is playing chess in his room in hospital, he says where I am stuck, Pakhi comes there and finds him playing, Pakhi says are you on picnic here? you took ayan’s games here, Veer says I will return him tomorrow, PAkhi says that are you afraid of injection? veer says we are rajputs we are not afraid to swords even, Pakhi says I have called nurse to give you injection, Veer says what? I am not ill, I am fine, whats the need for injection, I will nt let apply it, Pakhi says this

means you are afraid of injections too, you are afraid of lizards, injections, every small thing, but I am saying that someone is trying to kill then you are not worried, Veer says because this is not true, its just your doubt, and the person standing here (pointing Pakhi), I saw her climbing up and down seeing cockroach, Pakhi says my call is coming, veer says I didn’t listen to ring? veer says cockroach there, Pakhi shouts, Veer laughs, Riya calls Pakhi and says that Nandini and Jiji are worried here, Pakhi ask her to keep an eye on everyone and if you find anything suspicious then call me.

Scene 2
Nandini comes and gives juice to Riya, Nandini ask about her foot, Riya says much better, Nandini says that bad things are happening with us, she ask how is Veer? Riya says he will be discharged tomorrow, Nandini ask about hospital name? Riay thinks that she is asking too much, Riya tells her name Life care hospital, Nandini says it must be big hospital, Nandini leaves from there, Riya thinks that now lets see Jiji.
Jiji gets a call, he ask her to come as ts urgent for her, jiji says not today, man ask her its must for her to come today, we will finish our work today, Jiji ok, man ask her to come to life care hospital, Jiji calls Kumu and says that today I am going to do pooja for veer, I am closing door so don’t let anyone in my room as it will disturb my pooja. kumu agrees.
Riya ask Kumu what kind of pooja is this by closing the door? kumu says that jiji do pooja like that only, she used to do it in village too, in room, Jiji plays recorder in which her voce is recorded doing bhajan. Jiji plays it and leaves from house by window.
Veer says to Pakhi that should have not listen to you, I feel like ill here, Pakhi ask him think that he is not in hospital but in garden, eating apple and relaxing, Veer says very nice but I cant image garden, I am not artistic, Pakhi says you call yourself artist, Veer says I am not able to play luddo even, Pakhi ask with whom you are playing, Pakhi says that if you are that much bored then lets play the game, Veer says we will play hide and seek, Pakhi agrees then says that no, what if you go hide then there your work is finished (murdered), Veer laughs, Veer plays game with her.

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Scene 3
Jiji comes to hospital.
dealers comes to Girishs house, girish says that we are ready to sell the house, Girish gives him address and leaves, dealer calls someone. Girish says to Lavanya that we should think before selling this house, we don’t know about these dealers, Lavanya says I know that its difficult for you to leave this city but he have to leave it.
veer is sleeping in hospital, Kanwal comes there and writes message in veer’s mobile that I am very much sad with my life so I am doing suicide, no one should be punished for my death, he takes knife in his hands to kill Veer, he is about kill veer when Pakhi comes and says Kanwal, you? I knew you were the one for trying to kill Veer, Kanwal runs from there pushing Pakhi, she runs behind Kanwal but he hides, she finds Kanwal but he runs again, he leaves the hospital, Pakhi is frustrated. Pakhi comes to reception, she ask for visitor’s list and finds Nandini’s name in it, she thinks that this means Nandini is involved with Kanwal in all this, she finds Nandini there and ask what are you doing here? Nandini says I have got home cooked food for veer.

Scene 4
Riya comes in Jiji’s room and is shocked to find recorder playing bhajan and jiji missing from there.
Nandini and Pakhi comes in veer’s room, veer is not there, Pakhi gets worried and calls out his name, Veer comes from washroom and ask why she is worried, Pakhi heaves a sigh of relief, Nanadini ask Veer about his health, she says I have got food for you, Pakhi says home food is not allowed here, Nandini says this is not fair, I will give him home cooked food, Riya call Pakhi and tells her everything that Jiji ran away from house and lied that she is doing pooja, Riya says she is two faced man, please save my father, she must be coming there.

PRECAP- Veer is beating Kanwal when Pakhi comes and says that Nandini is behind all this, Veeer says I have no time to listen all this shit, Nandini says this is not shit, she points Gun at veer. Pakhi and Veer are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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