Tumhari Pakhi 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 14th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi not listening to Tanya. Tanya says its holi tomorrow, manage the expenses, you are wasting so muhc oil in deep fry. She says its my kitchen aand you have to obey my orders. Ayaan makes a flower design and Pakhi likes it. Anshuman is reaading the newspaper and Tanya comes to him acting as is she is much hurt. Anshuman supports Tanya and takes her inside. Ayaan looks at them. He calls Girish and tells him everything.

Girish makes a plan. Lavanya gets Vikram’s call and they have a sweet talk. Girish says call him at Anshuman’s house for Holi. Lavanya ends the call. Girish says its good way to introduce him to Anshuman, why are you avoiding, you are cheating yourself. He says you still love me, I know the truth, you re trying to make me jealous. Girish

hugs Lavanya.Ayaan asks Pakhi to come with him. Pakhi says tell me what is it. They have a laugh. Pakhi tells him a story about Holika and Pralaad. She says nothing bad happens with good people who believe in Lord. She says I got a cute kid like you because of the Lord. Ayaan thinks he has a good plan.

Girish suggests they can play badminton tonight. He says Lavanya and I will play against Anshuman and Pakhi. Tanya says I will also play. Girish says but your foot is hurt. Tanya says I m fine, I can play. Lavanya says if she wants to play then its fine. Girish says lets toss who will be Anshuman’s partner. Anshuman says fine. Lavanya says Anshuman…. Anshuman says ya I was saying this is rubbish. Girish says it’s a fair game. Tanya says lets keep a match between me and Pakhi, the one who wins will become Anshuman;s partner. She challenges Pakhi and says my chances are less as my foot is hurt. Pakhi says I m ready. Tanya says you change, I will meet you outside.

Anshuman says you are hurt. Tanya says I can do anything to play with you, I will go and change. Ayaan talks to Girish about Tanya. He says if Tanya wins then, she is not hurt. Girish says I know that, I thought to make her jealous, I did not know she will play. Girish says we have to stop her from reasing the badminton court. Vikram has a meeting and gets angry seeing his publicity campaign. He asks them to be creative and rework.

Vikram scolds them for not informing him about his sister’s call. He says she is important to me. He calls his sister and says I m so sorry, I was in meeting so could not take your call. Ayaan asks Pakhi to wear a short skirt to play badminton. Pakhi says I can’t. Ayaan says you will look good. Pakhi says I won’t be comfortable. Ayaan says its necessary, you have to win. Pakhi agrees. Ayana thinks what to do to stop Tanya. Tanya asks for juice. Maa ji brings it. Ayaan gets the idea and hides seeing Maa ji come. The juice falls on the dress. Ayaan smiles.

Tanya is shocked to see it and gets angry on Maa ji. She says how will I play badminton now, I can’t play. Ayaan is happy. Anshuman gets ready and Pakhi steps out of the washroom. Anshuman looks at her wearing a short skirt and is shocked. He looks at Pakhi and she feels shy. Saiyyan…………plays…………. He says you are looking very beautiful. You are looking stunning. She says thank you. He says if you are not comfortable you can change. She says I m fine. This dress is necessary to play badminton. He walks towards her and holds her hand. She asks what are you doing.

He goes closer to her and ties her shoe lace. Music plays………… He says lets go now. He says go and change. She says no, I m fine. He says are you sure, you will play. She says yes. He says I want you to win. She smiles. He says I mean go and change. Anshuman waits for Tanya and Pakhi. Lavanya comes and Girish looks at her. Ayaan says Tanya won’t come. Pakhi changes her dress and wears a salwar suit. Tanya comes wearing Pakhi’ss short dress and Ayaan holds his head.

Lavanya tells Tanya that she is looking hot and Anshuman can’t stop staring at her now. Anshuman looks at Pakhi and smiles. He asks Tanya can you play. Tanya says yes, I can do anything for you. Pakhi removes her bangles and goes to play against Tanya. Everyone looks on. Girish tells Ayaan lets break Tanya’s leg as she is acting. Ayaan shows a banana skin and smiles. Girish announces the game to begin. Tanya and Pakhi warm up for the game.

Pakhi sees the banana skin and gets worried for Tanya as she runs towards it. Anshuman hugs Pakhi and Tanya stops. Everyone get ready to burn holika.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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