Tumhari Pakhi 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anuja talking to Anshuman and defending Aryaman. She says we have to give him love and trust, if not, then I will leave with him from this house. Anshuman says no, this house is yours and Aryaman’s, I m sorry. He leaves. Its morning, Pakhi makes Ayaan ready and he acts like Anshuman. Anshuman wakes up and asks where are you going wearing clothes like mine. Pakhi says he is going for fancy dress. Ayaan asks about his watch. Anshuman gifts him one and he is very happy seeing it. He makes Ayaan wear it. Ayaan says now I look Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman asks why are you becoming me.

Ayaan says everyione are being role model, and you are my role model, you are best father, son, husband, businessman and best human being. Anshuman hugs him. Pakhi says Anshuman never gets late

for office, you too hurry up for school. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi asks Anshuman what happened. He says Ayaan said perfect son, I have hurt mum’s heart. She asks but what happened, tell me whenever you feel like, don’t be upset. He says I know she is hurt. She asks did you try sorry. He says a lot, but she is upset. She says I have an idea. She tells in his ears.

They laugh and she says I think if I m not here, what will happen. He says the same and they laugh. He says you are so good, beautiful, good heart, perfect, if we have a daughter, I would have send her as Pakhi. He says Ayaan is big now and don’t you think we should have a little daughter, little Pakhi. He holds her hand and says come, lets prepare for her. She pushes him and runs. She brings sindoor and Saiyyan…………….plays…………….

She says Pakhi is not yours without this. He fills the sindoor. He says you are so perfect, I feel we should capture this perfect pic, if I don’t be there, this pic will be there, everything ends in the world, all love stories, our love story will end with us, I thank the life with you. She says if I say this. He says get creative and say your line. He takes the selfie. He kisses her. Aryaman sees Anshuman and Ayaan talking. Anshuman says we have tracking device in this, I will tell later.

Aryaman says your son will be kidnapped today, do what you want, you won’t be able to save him. Anshuman asks Aryaman to get ready. Aryaman says my stomach is bad, so I will rest. Anshuman asks shall I call doctor. Aryaman says no, I will come office tomorrow. Anshuman says fine, take rest. He asks Pakhi for coffee. Pakhi says yes, bringing. She calls Lavanya and says its Holi Vrath today, but you don’t keep it as you are pregnant, we have kept it. Pakhi thinks she will act till Anuja talks to Anshuman.

She puts coffee a bit too much and Anuja sees this. Pakhi says give this coffee to Anshuman and tells Lavanya that he does not drink this daily, but asked today. Anuja thinks she made bad coffee, how will he drink this. She makes another one and says ask Anshuman not to drink it, and drink this one. Anshuman thinks what to drink, wife made or mum made coffee. Both the ladies look on. Sukhi says this happens always, a son gets stuck in mum and wife’s matters. Sukhi says drink both, they will be happy.

Pakhi signs Anshuman to have Maa’s made coffee. Anshuman takes Anuja’s coffee and praises it. Anuja says ask him to come early in Holi puja. Ayaan says our mothers won’t eat anything till we come, I will come soon and you also come soon. Anshuman says yes, you are right, its our duty to do this. He says I will come home early. Ayaan asks is anything wrong, why are you talking indirectly, say her sorry holding your ears. He leaves for school. Anshuman holds his ears and says sorry to Anuja. Pakhi smiles. She says take care and leaves.

Anshuman tells Pakhi that Maa has not forgiven me. Pakhi says no, she has stopped you from having dark coffee, you are lucky, she will hug you in evening, as she is fasting for you. He says I m feeling strange. She says go office now and come on time.

Anuja talks to Pakhi and Lavanya that Aryaman is being well now. Lavanya says no, he still has to gel with us, his clothes and styling has to be done, he should look like him. She says lets remove his moustache. Anuja says no. Pakhi says it will be very confusing. Lavanya says you will be confused the most. Pakhi says lets think. Lavanya says I will bring good shoes and do his hair styling. Pakhi says I will see clothes. Anuja says I will see his marriage department. Lavanya and Pakhi says its ours too.

Aryaman dresses like Anshuman and hears Sandeep telling about Ayaan. He says he knows everything and Sandeep takes Aryaman’s name and says its his plan. Sandeep holds his feet. Aryaman laughs scaring Sandeep and tells him that he will kidnap Ayaan today at any cost. Sandeep says you look like Anshuman Rathore and you scared me. He shows the parent’s id of Anshuman and they laugh. Aryaman comes to take Ayaan from school and shows the id card. She says no need to show this, you are his father. Aryaman waits for Ayaan.

Aryaman takes Ayaan in a taxi. The principal calls Anshuman and says you took Ayaan. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. On the 18 th they both have an accident and aryaman shaved his moustache so they look the same wearing the same clothes and pakhi doesn’t know whom is anshuman

    1. are u talking about 18 th july
      today was nice episode 🙂 but dont kidnap such a lovely kid 🙁

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