Tumhari Pakhi 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 13th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman and Pakhi having a talk outside. Pakhi feels his truth and is happy. Tanya is at home worried. Anshuman and Pakhi come home. Tanya looks at them and is jealous. Anshuman is shocked seeing her and tries to give her an explanation. Tanya says did I ask you anything and is annoyed. She looks at Pakhi as Pakhi smiles showing her down. Tanya feels she should do anything to get Anshuman. She walks away from Anshuman.

Tanya acts as if she fell and got a sprain. Anshuman lifts her and takes her to the room. Pakhi looks on. Tanya says thanks Anshuman. He cares for her. She says thanks so much. He says take rest, be careful. He says I m sorry. She says its ok, what did I think and what happened. She hugs him and says I made muffins for you to surprise you, but

all the muffins burnt. I worked so hard and it got waste. He says its ok, I did not know you feel so much for me. She says the day did not go waste as you are with me. She says will you ever leave me and go. He says no. Tanya blinks to Pakhi. Pakhi says I brought pain relief balm for Tanya, she will be fine.

Anshuman says perfect. Pakhi says bring hot water bag for her. Anshuman says fine and leaves. Pakhi says I m making your leg fine Tanya. Tanya says not needed. Pakhi says I know you are not hurt, but Anshuman does not know, so we have to act. Pakhi applies the balm. Pakhi hurts her and says you will be fine. She says keep this till you want, and don’t wear high heels. Tanya says I have Anshuman. Pakhi says I knew it. Anshuman comes with hot water bag. Pakhi says its done. Pakhi says lets leave, she will rest. Tanya stops Anshuman and says its paining a lot. She says please be with me for some time. He says I will stay with you and tells Pakhi. Pakhi says fine.

Lavanya sees Girish and shows him the bracelet saying Vikram has given it. She argues with him. He says I want to see you happy. He says I m sorry but you are hurting yourself for hurting me. He asks her not to make any mistake. She says I will burden you so much that you will regret to be here with me. Tanya sees Anshuman sleeping. She gets up and runs out. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words. Tanya comes to her and taunts Pakhi. She says Anshuman is in my room, you might be worried thinking what were we doing alone. Pakhi says I have a habit to wake up at night and check my husband and son, why did you come here.

Pakhi says I m Anshuman’s legal wife and I have full right in this house. She taunts Tanya. Pakhi says I have gone ahead and you are lagging behind, we have hope in our relation and one day I will get him, but what about you. She says you are not interesting, you do drama to get love. Tanya says you won’t be able to take my place, can’t you see how I m managing the house so well, I will win this challenge and you will have to leave, then Anshuman will be mine. Pakhi says if he sees you here, he will not leave you. Pakhi laughs and says take care. She says go and sleep before Anshuman knows your truth.

Pakhi makes some snacks for Ayaan and Anshuman. She tells Ayaan that I m making this for Holi. Ayaan praises her. Ayaan promotes Welcome show coming on Life OK. Pakhi kisses him and says I will spend my time with you. Ayaan says Maa you are the best. Pakhi asks Ayaan to help her in cooking. He enjoys. She says we have to burn Holika tonight. Tanya comes and acts sweet to Ayaan. Ayaan says you are acting as Pakhi. Pakhi laughs. Ayaan wishes her happy holi. He asks Tanya about Holi. Tanya is clueless. Tanya asks Pakhi to obey her orders as she is managing the house. She says no one will eat deep friend food in this house. Tanya says you have to make what I say in this house. Pakhi does not care. Tanya gets angry and thinks she will see Pakhi.

Girish says we will play badminton. Tanya challenges Pakhi. Pakhi accepts it. Pakhi is shy to wear the short dress. Anshuman says you are looking very beautiful, I want you to win.

Update Credit to: Amena

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