Tumhari Pakhi 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the media reacting to Pakhi’s truth that she tried to take property from Anshuman. Anshuman asks the media to leave for misbehaving with Pakhi. He gets angry on them. Pakhi takes the blame on her and makes herself the bad woman in everyone’s eyes. The media asks Anshuman to kick out Pakhi. Pakhi says I want this property from him. Everyone are shocked. Pakhi says can’t you see this big house, servants, car, I want this. I always wanted this. She says this house should be Pakhi mansion as its my right. She says Lavanya is right, I waited for 18 years to get all this. Pakhi says we know that you all are very rich, I used to be sad that I lost him.

But he came to take me to Chittor, why should I not use him. She says I thought I will come here and

take this property. But he has kept the property on Ayaan. Girish thinks whats Pakhi doing. Tanya thinks why is Pakhi saying so. Anshuman says but Pakhi…… Pakhi says you cheated me. Pakhi says I did a lot. Anshuman says are you mad, why are you saying this, why are you making yourself bad. Pakhi says you think my dreams will be small, you can’t think about my dreams. She says we are jealous seeing you rich people. Its my right I want the property. She says I acted with Ayaan. Tanya says its Pakhi’s plan, why is she doing this. Pakhi says its my greed, you don’t know about our life.

Lavanya says I did not expect this from you Pakhi. You gave fooled us and broke Ayaan’s trust also. Lavanya says Ayaan will not trust any mum now. Pakhi says I don’t care, I don’t want to act as his wife, I want to end this marriage. Anshuman looks shocked at her. Palhi says no one will marry me now, but I don’t care, I want compensation for all this. I want divorce from you. She says but not so easily, I want all the property from you. Everyone are shocked. Pakhi says else I will draw you to the court. The media records everything. Pakhi says write all this in newspaper. I did not do anything wrong.

She says I will wait for my property. She leaves from the house. Tanya tells Mr. Rana that Pakhi did this purposely but why. Girish says so that you and Anshuman can stay happy. He says you wanted to take Anshuman from Pakhi, but she gave him himself. You won Anshuman but lost everything. Pakhi won everything. The media asks Lavanya about Pakhi. They ask Mr. Rana about his business. Mr. Rana says Anshuman is the victim. The servants asks the media to leave.

Anshuman thinks of Pakhi’s words. Anshuman shouts you should have not done this Pakhi. Lavanya controls Anshuman and says she is real Pakhi. Mr. Rana says Pakhi came here for money, I know such girls. Anshuman says you don’t know her. He gets angry on Mr. Rana and shouts on him. Girish smiles. Anshuman says if she wanted my property, why would she take Ayaan’s name. This is not true, I did not do this. He says she knew about me and Tanya, she did not expose us, she became bad infront of the press and left, why. So that when we goes, no one should point on me. When I get married to Tanya, no one should write bad about me and my family, so that everyone say she was not my type.

He says it happened so easily, I m feeling very small today, I hate myself. All the property is mine, but she took everything with her, she left guilt in me, I don’t know how to apologize to her. I m nothing infront of her. Mr. Rana says stop being an emotional fool. Tanya says she did this for us, we should give her something. She says sign a cheque for her of Rs 4-5 crore. Anshuman is shocked. He says do you think she is doing this for money. He says I have one way, I will apologize to her and tell her the truth. Tanya says you will fall in her eyes. Anshuman says atleast I can get free of my guilt.

Anshuman runs to meet Pakhi. Lavanya tries to stop him. Girish says let him go. Anshuman checks in the room but Pakhi is leaving out from the house. Anshuman runs outside. Pakhi looks at the house and cries. Anshuman sees her and calls out Pakhi. He runs to her and hugs her. Bol dil se……………… plays……………. Pakhi cares for him. He says why are you worrying about me, you said I cheated you, you need money. Pakhi says I don’t care about anyone, its your wish now. Anshuman says you are right. He says I remember what you said. You did this to save my image. You spoiled your pure image, why did you take such a big blame on you.

He says see my problems came on you. She says I wish the same even today, that all your problems go with me from this house. They have an eyelock.

Anshuman is about to tell his truth to Pakhi. Tanya and Mr. Rana looks on. Tanya speaks against Anshuman and Pakhi slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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