Tumhari Pakhi 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 12th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan making Pakhi and Anshuman shake hands and say sorry to each other for their fight. He asks them to promise they will never fight. Anshuman promises. Pakhi says whenever you promise, keep it. She says we will take our hand print that will make our promise stay. They keep their hand impressions on the paper. Anshuman looks at Pakhi. Pakhi asks Ashok to click their family photo. Ayaan says cheese and smiles. Ayaan brings Pakhi and Anshuman closer by asking them to kiss him and moving back. Saiyyan……………. plays………….. Pakhi asks Ashok to keep Ayaan’s luggage out. She says take care Ayaan and hugs him.

Ayaan says I will miss you Maa. Pakhi cries hugging him and says I will miss you too. Ayaan says bye and leaves. Anshuman says did you

take your decision for me and my happiness, when Ayaan returns, what will I tell him when he does not find you here, when this world asks me where did you go, shall I lie to them. I will fall in my sight. She says don’t worry, I won’t let that happen. Lavanya calls Anshuman and says its great Pakhi is finally going.

Girish lifts Lavanya with excitement thinking she is pregnant. Lavanya asks whats going on. He says I will take good care of you. He is much happy and says you did not tell me, but I know. Our broken relation will be fine again. She says don’t expect the baby. She says you know how to take care of pregnant women, you experienced fatherhood it before but that I m not pregnant, I m doing this for my project. Girish gets angry. She says we don’t have any relation between us. She scolds him and taunts him.

Pakhi comes to a lawyer and make some papers. She asks him to make the papers ready till 4pm and says it should be between you and me. Lavanya and Tanya are happy that Pakhi is leaving. Tanya tells Lavanya that Girish tried to tell the truth to Pakhi but it was me. She says how she fooled Girish and stopped him from meeting Pakhi. There is a press conference at home. She asks why does he feel so much for Pakhi. She asks Lavanya to make sure nothing bad happens. She asks where is Girish. Girish is looking out for Pakhi.

Lavanya says Pakhi is not at home, come with me and act like a happy family. Tanya and Mr. Rana are asking about you. Girish says Tanya knows about us. Lavanya says Tanya told me that you were about to tell Pakhi the truth. Girish says if you do anything with Pakhi, remember she is not alone, I m with her. He says I will not leave you guys if you cheat her. Mr. Rana hugs Anshuman and says well done. He says I will make you reach new heights in business, its all yours and Tanya’s. Tanya says we should do something for Pakhi.

Anshuman thinks where is Pakhi, she won’t leave without meeting me. Anshuman addresses the media and says we kept the press conference about the joint venture between Rana and Rathore’s. He tells about his new project. Mr. Rana says I m very happy. Pakhi comes. Anshuman says now even I m very happy. Mr. Rana asks Anshuman to sign on his files. Everyone claps. Lavanya sees Pakhi talking to a servant. Lavanya sees the servant exchanging the files. Lavanya thinks whats going on.

Lavanya’s lawyer calls her and tells her something. She comes running to Anshuman and asks him not to sign on the papers saying Pakhi has changed the papers, she wants you to sign on the property papers. Everyone looks on. Anshuman is shocked reading the papers. Pakhi is tensed. Lavanya says its Pakhi’s dirty plan. The media gets a great news in this.

Pakhi asks Anshuman for property and divorce. She acts evil infront of the media. Anshuman understands why Pakhi did this, to save his image.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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