Tumhari Pakhi 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 11th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maa ji telling Tanya that Pakhi is trying to win Anshuman’s heart. Tanya says I will go and shop and make the muffins myself. Maa ji talks to her. Girish comes to talk to Ayaan. Ayaan asks about his sad face. Girish asks him to advice how to make Lavanya’s mood good. He shows some photos which came for approval. Ayaan says I got the idea, the decoration should be like this. He says even mum and dad can go. Girish says this idea is good for them, don’t worry about us, send them. He says I will cook for them, go and send your parents here. Ayaan says fine.

Pakhi thinks about Tanya’s words. Ayaan comes to her and makes her drenched by water gun. Pakhi plays with him. Anshuman comes and Ayaan puts water on them. Anshuman says stop it Ayaan. Music plays……….They

have a great family time. Pakhi asks Anshuman to go and change. Pakhi says you too. They ask each other to go first. Ayaan asks Pakhi and Anshuman to change as they are going for dinner. Pakhi says I will make your fav food at home. Ayaan makes them agree. Pakhi says no. Ayaan says fine and gets annoyed. Anshuman and Pakhi agree. Ayaan is happy and rakes them. Pakhi makes Anshuman’c clothes ready.

Ayaan says wow, your choice is nice, lets see what is dad’s choice. Pakhi says don’t trouble him, I will take it myself. Anshuman brings a blue saree for Pakhi. Pakhi looks at him. Ayaan says wow dad, you choice is also nice. Ayaan thinks I don’t know how he liked Tanya. Ayaan says Anshuman liked a matching saree. Anshuman looks ok. Ayaan says get ready soon. Anshuman says you can take any other saree of you want. Pakhi holds his hand and stops him. Bol dil se…………….plays…………… She takes the saree and says am I looking good. He says very beautiful. She says I will come.

Lavanya is with Vikram. He gifts her a bracelet and he jokes calling her a girlfriend. He says it will be fun if Girish sees this and have a problem. Lavanya says great idea. She wears it. Vikram looks at it. He says now you are looking my girlfriend. Anshuman thinks of telling Tanya. Maa ji sees Anshuman and Pakhi leaving. Anshuman asks about Tanya. Maa ji says she went out for some work. He says fine I will call and ask her. Ayaan says you will talk when you have your phone. Ayaan has Anshuman’s phone. Maa ji says where did they go alone. Ayaan says I don’t know.

Maa ji thinks where did they go. Tanya comes home. Maa ji tells her that Anshuman and Pakhi went out alone. Tanya is shocked. Maa ji says Pakhi was looking beautiful today, Anshuman will be struck by her beauty. Tanya says whats the big deal, they would have gone by Ayaan’s work, its fine. If they went to Lavanya, its good, I will plan a surprise for Anshuman, I will bake muffins for Anshuman and win his heart. Maa ji says why should I worry when Tanya is not worrying.

Anshuman and Pakhi stop on the way. She says lets spend 15 mins here and go back home. She says we have to act infront of Ayaan, here there is no one, so we don’t need to act. She says we will wait here, Ayaan will be happy and it will be easy for me. He asks are you worried. She says no. He holds her hand and says I have no given you any happiness, we have a relation of pain, we can share it atleast. She says its not easy for me. We are acting as if we are close, I know its an act for few days but its tough for me. She says I m doing this for Ayaan, but when you come closer to me, I feel for you.

I can’t control my heart. She says when you show the right of a husband, I feel I should think of doing the duties of a wife. When you touch me, my heart gets lots of feelings of love and the love increases. She says I don’t understand whats happening. She says I m trying to make myself away from you but I m drawing closer to you. Saiyyan………….plays…………… She says it may happen that when the time comes for me to leave, I forget everything and become helpless by heart and I don’t feel to leave from here. Anshuman looks at her.

She leaves from the car. Tanya is seeing a recipe book. Ayaan comes to her and acts sweet. Tanya says I m making muffins for Anshuman. Ayaan gives her wrong advice and fools her. Tanya says its complicated dish. Ayaan smiles. He says make something special for him, make this and see. Tanya says thanks Ayaan. Ayaan thinks I m feeling to punch you. Tanya struggles and calls the servants to help her. Ayaan hides some ingredients. Ayaan then shows it to her and she kisses him thanking him. Ayaan says welcome and smiles.

Anshuman have a talk with Pakhi. Pakhi says till we are here, lets play a game. He asks what are the rules. She says no rules, it’s a struggle to reach the destination. Their heads struck. Anshuman says I don’t believe in all this. He says what will the winner get. She says the winner can ask anything. He says last time you gave clue for it, you told about sindoor and I thought something else. She says maybe I will lose. She smiles.

Tanya is making muffins. Anshuman says do you still love me. She says yes. Ayaan burns the muffins. Tanya cries. Pakhi asks do you love me. He says I always wanted to get rid of you, there is no love between us. Pakhi says if the situation was something them else then?

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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