Tumhari Pakhi 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Anshuman coming to Aryaman thinking he should have not taken the key. He asks Aryaman to go home. Aryaman leaves. He checks the key wallet and is shocked to see study room key missing, not of safety vault. Anuja and Pakhi tell Ayaan that they are keeping fasts for their sons. Aryaman comes and asks what fast. Ayaan tells Anshuman that Dadi is keeping a fast for him and Chachu. Aryaman leaves. Anuja asks what to gift Pakhi. Anshuman asks why, you are keeping fast for me. Anuja says but she is fasting for Ayaan. Anshuman says all this is hers. Anuja says gift is a way to show how much you value a person, buy her a kamarbandh for her. He does not know where they wear it and everyone laughs.

Aryaman is in kitchen. Anuja tells him that she will make his fav food tomorrow.

Aryaman helps her. His hand cuts and she runs to him worried. He says it will be fine. She cares for him. She calls Anshuman and Pakhi.He says don’t call them. She says the blood is not stopping why. The doctor comes and says this is strange as his blood was not stopping, make him have a health checkup. Anshuman says we had it, his DNA matches more than me with my sister. He says no, let him have the tests tomorrow, its not good, he is young.

Aryaman takes out his hanky and the key falls. He gets tensed seeing it and hides it. Anshuman sees this and is puzzled thinking why is Aryaman doing this. The doctor leaves. Anuja asks Aryaman to take care. Anshuman romances with Pakhi and says let me measure your waist. She says leave me. He holds her saree and stops her. Music plays…………… Bol dil se………..plays as they have an eyelock. She smiles and gets closer to him. She touches her cheek and says about the kamarbandh. He says I m talking about romance, and you are talking about kamarbandh.

She says I m also talking romantic, put ghungrus in the kamarbandh. He asks what. She says when I wear it and come to you, you will know I came then you can shut your laptop and focus on me. He holds her closer and says I work some time, all my focus is on you, whats the need for kamarbandh. He asks will there be anything special after you wear the kamarbandh. She pushes him and says you are not ashamed. He says fine, if I don’t be, then you will miss him. She keeps her finger on his lips and asks him to speak positive. Saiyyan…………..plays…………..

He says I m talking about kamarbandh, I want you to always wear it, it always remind you of me, even if I m not close to you. She says not again. He says fine, lets talk something else. He says about measurements. She runs and he laughs. Pakhi brings milk for Anuja and asks her not to worry, as everyone is fine. Anuja says I m worried about Aryaman, I can understand his pain, he stayed life like me without any relations. Pakhi says but now everything is fine, a person changes when he gets love.

She asks does Anshuman say anything about him. Pakhi says he trusts him a lot. Anuja says I m worried for him as I feel he is my weakest child. Pakhi says don’t worry, he will be happy, have this milk first. She leaves. Aryaman takes a torch and silently goes to the study. Anshuman sees him and follows.

Aryaman goes in the study room and closes the door. Anshuman goes there and is about to push the door to open to see what is Aryaman upto. But Anuja stops Anshuman. Anuja scolds Anshuman and says if this door opens, I won’t stay in this house. Aryaman gets Anshuman’s ID. Anuja says I will go from here tomorrow morning. Aryaman calls Sandeep. Anshuman thinks about Anuja’s words and leaves. Aryaman says kidnapping will be done tomorrow, be ready.

Anuja tells Anshuman that Aryaman is part of our family, everyone is imperfect, did you not do mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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