Tumhari Pakhi 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Anshuman turning and sleeping. Music plays…….. Its morning, Anshuman sees Pakhi get ready and helps her talk to Bhabhisa on phone holding her phone. Bhabhisa says your Bhaisa is annoyed with you as you did not call us since long time. Pakhi says I m sorry, it was my mistake, I will come there. Anshuman is shocked. Bhabhisa says its was your first holi, you have to spend it with Anshuman. Bhaisa talks to Pakhi and I m not annoyed with you. He says we worry about you, are you fine. Pakhi says I m fine and much happy here, everyone loves me here.

Bhaisa asks what happened. Pakhi says Anshuman takes good care of me. Anshuman gets hurt and Pakhi ends the call and rushes to him. Pakhi says I will ask someone to send ice. Anshuman says I m fine.

Pakhi asks him to apply the sindoor. The servant comes and says someone came from office. Anshuman leaves without applying the sindoor. Anshuman talks to Tanya and says Pakhi is not at home. Tanya sees Pakhi at her house and is shocked. They have a talk. Tanya says I m really sorry for what happened yesterday. You had to know it someday.

Pakhi asks do you love Anshuman so much. Tanya says yes. Pakhi asks what about Ayaan, will you able to become his mother. Tanya says Anshuman is incomplete without Ayaan and no one wants incomplete love. She says I love Ayaan a lot. She speaks sweetly and says I will never birth to my child so that I can give my complete love to Ayaan. Pakhi says now I will go. Tanya says you love Anshuman right. Pakhi leaves. Lavanya talks to Mr. Raichand and is under stress for lying to him saying she is pregnant. Girish hears Lavanya talking about a Gynac and sees pregnancy magazines in her room. He sees a report and smiles.

Tanya calls and tells Anshuman that Pakhi came to her. Pakhi comes back home and looks at Anshuman. Saiyyan……..plays………… Pakhi gives him the sindoor box. He is about to apply. She says you applied the sindoor for my happiness, can’t I care for your happiness. I m giving you this, Tanya deserves this sindoor now. Anshuman is shocked. She says talk to me, I am leaving in the evening. She says let it be, don’t talk to keep my heart. I took this decision with much difficulty, if I change my decision, then. She laughs and hands over the sindoor box to him.

He says I can do anything for you. She says really? He says ask me. She says do one thing, tell me how am I looking today in this saree. She laughs and says now tell, I will record. Anshuman says I m serious Pakhi. She says I m also serious, tell anything. She says I think I asked a lot, I m used to see myself from your eyes. He says you are very beautiful Pakhi. She stops and cries looking at him.

Anshuman praises her beauty. She records his words. and cries hearing him. He says I have learnt a lot from you. He says I learnt praising seeing you. He says I will miss you a lot. He hugs her and says please don’t go Pakhi. Its Pakhi’s imagination. Pakhi says great praising. I got to see a new you today. Anshuman clicks a photo of Pakhi and him. They have an eyelock. She says I don’t look good with you even in photo. She runs and leaves crying. Anshuman feels bad for her. He looks at the photo.

Ayaan asks Anshuman did you fight with Pakhi. I m her big support. Lavanya stops Anshuman from signing the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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