Tumhari Pakhi 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 10th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan telling Anshuman that he did not accept Tanya till now. He asks Anshuman and Pakhi to promise and says you have to do what I say. Anshuman and Pakhi promises. Ayaan asks Anshuman to lift Pakhi in his arms. Anshuman says no, it will be awkward for us. Ayaan reminds him of his promise. Ayaan talks to Girish while Girish sees Lavanya. He asks Ayaan to focus on his mission. Girish asks Lavanya why is she so happy. He helps her. Vikram comes to meet Lavanya. Lavanya and Vikram have a talk. Vikram holds her hand and Girish looks on.

Ayaan comes to Tanya and says I came to know dad will be marrying you, we both should not fight, so you are my best friend, I can’t do anything wrong with you. Ayaan smiles fooling Tanya in his words. Tanya thinks he is sweet to

her so he might be changing towards her. Tanya smiles and hugs him. He asks her when did you meet my dad for the first time. She tells about an accident where they met. Ayaan shows her Anshuman bringing Pakhi in his arms. Saiyyan……….plays………… Tanya is shocked and looks at them. Anshuman and Pakhi have an eyelock. Anshuman brings her to the dining table. Ayaan says he loves you then why did he lift Maa. Tanya gets angry.

They sit for lunch. Anshuman likes the food which Pakhi made and thinks Tanya made it. He praises Tanya. The servants tell him that Pakhi made it. Anshuman is shocked. Pakhi smiles. Tanya gets spicy food which Ayaan keeps for her and shouts. Ayaan does this. Anshuman runs after her with water glass. Tanya asks why did you bring Pakhi in your arms. He says Ayaan is making me do this. Anshuman thinks about Ayaan’s promise and changes the topic.

Anshuman lies to her and says I m doing this so that we can be together, till this challenge ends, don’t ask me anything, let it happen. Tanya says I don’t understand with whom are you playing a game. He says I only love you and want you. He hugs her. Lavanya thanks Vikram and hugs him seeing Girish. She holds his hand and they start flirting. Girish looks at them. Lavanya smiles.

Vikram leaves. Girish says you both came closer in few days. She makes Girish more jealous. She says he is a true man and praises him. She says I would have been in his life before. He asks is personality everything for you. Lavanya says no, sense of humor also matters, I stay happy with him, he makes me smile. I want to spend much time with him. She leaves. Girish thinks he wants to see her happy, if he is sure about Vikram, then he will leave her.

Anshuman finds his tablet. Pakhi gives him. He says I m forgetting something. He asks for his phone. She says be calm, think. She gives him his phone. She says I m not going to be here forever. He says I will call you and ask. Saiyyan…………plays………….. She says you did not think again. Anshuman gets upset. Ayaan comes to them and asks Anshuman to kiss Pakhi and say he is leaving. Anshuman and Pakhi says whats this now. Ayaan says you promised dad. Ayaan asks Pakhi to kiss Anshuman and say come soon darling.

Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says whats this. Ayaan insists. Anshuman says fine and kisses Pakhi on her cheek. Ayaan smiles. Music plays……………. Anshuman says I m sorry, Ayaan is not agreeing so I had to do this. Bairi jiya tumpe piya………… Bol dil se………..plays………..Ayaan says now your turn mum. Anshuman looks at Pakhi. Pakhi gets nervous and Anshuman comes to her. Pakhi kisses him. Pakhi says come home soon darling. Ayaan says thankyou. Pakhi touches her cheek after Anshuman leaves.

Tanya sees the lipstick mark on Anshuman’s cheek. Anshuman thinks what will Tanya do now. She wipes the mark. Anshuman says actually…. Tanya says I did not ask anything. She asks him to come home soon. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and Tanya comes to taunt her. Pakhi taunts her back well. They have an argument over Anshuman. Pakhi says I know Anshuman more than you. Tanya says Anshuman does not love you. Pakhi says can you say that you love Anshuman. Tanya says if you tell this, I will leave? Pakhi says no, the one who loses will leave. I love Anshuman truly, you have to worry, you will be with him and not get him. Tanya asks her to leave. Pakhi says the challenge is not yet over. She says I will leave by my wish and smiles.

Maa ji tells Tanya that Pakhi and Anshuman went out. Pakhi talks to Anshuman and says I m feeling closer to you. Tanya asks Ayaan what to make for you. Ayaan says a complicated dish. Pakhi says we don’t have to act now as we are alone now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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