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The Episode starts with Anshuman seeing Aryaman talking to someone. He walks to him and Sandeep leaves. He asks him with whom was he talking. Aryaman lies. Anshuman gives him money and asks him to get the medicines for Lavanya. Pakhi shows Anshuman to see Lavanya and Anuja. Lavanya apologizes to Anuja and says I m sorry for blaming you to take side of Aryaman. Pakhi and Anshuman are glad seeing this. Pakhi says see I told you relations should get time to solve, I m so happy. She asks what is he thinking. He says nothing, you were right, we should give time to relations.

They joke and laugh. Music plays………….Aryaman comes home and is angry as his plan failed today. He sees Ayaan’s pic and says I m still unable t catch him. I should have not saved Lavanya and kidnapped Ayaan. Ayaan comes

there and says Chachu. Ayaan says everyone is calling you down. Aryaman closes the door and says go now. I will not come. Ayaan leaves. He gets angry and controls himself. Pakhi comes to him and asks him to come down. He says I won’t come and scolds her. Anshuman hears this and is shocked.

Aryaman says I m not in a mood to play, just leave. He shuts the door on her face. Its night, Pakhi comes to Anshuman and asks him not to be upset. He says I understand his upbringing is wrong, he did not stay with us, but he should not talk to you like this. She says fine, don’t be annoyed, it’s a small thing. He says its fine if he says me, but he should not tell you, I won’t feel good. She says try to understand, its not easy for him. I did not feel good, as you don’t have habit to stay in joint family, it happens. He says you are right, we should give him some time.

She asks him to focus on his dream project else her. She laughs. He says I will get my file and come. Aryaman has a disturbed sleep and talks in his sleep, saying leave me, don’t beat me. The glass falls and Anshuman goes there to see. He says Aryaman and wakes him up. Aryaman says leave me don’t shoot me. He gets up and shows a knife to Anshuman. He sees him and lowers it. Anshuman asks him who was killing him, what was he saying. Aryaman says I get bad dreams, I keep this knife under my pillow as people say bad dreams does not come by keeping knife under pillow. Anshuman asks is he fine. Aryaman says yes.

Anshuman leaves. Aryaman says he will doubt on me seeing this knife, but before this I have to do my work and leave. Anshuman thinks about Aryaman and thinks why did he go to Ayaan’s room, he is making me doubt on him. He thinks he does not know about him, but he can’t blame him without thinking, but is he safe for my family.

Its morning, Aryaman plays with Ayaan and asks him to go and have food. Ayaan asks him to take out. Aryaman says fine. Anshuman says no, he has to come with me to office. Ayaan asks why. Anshuman says I want him to help me in office, it’s a big project and want my brother to support me in it, as I trust you. Aryaman says I will go with Ayaan. Anuja says no, Anshuman is right, join the office. Anuja says she will take Ayaan for shopping. Aryaman thinks he lost the chance today.

Maha ji steals the dry fruits and the servants see her. Anuja comes and asks Maha ji what did she hidde. Maha ji shows her. Anuja says you are stealing and called my son a thief, if you steal again, I will fire you. Anuja shows to Lavanya and says she has blamed Aryaman for her chain. She scolds her and other servants. Anshuman shows the project to Aryaman. Aryaman feels bored. Anshuman shows him all the safe keys with all the doors will open. He keeps it in the drawer to test Aryaman.

Aryaman sees Anshuman. Anshuman says I will just come by making a phone call. He stands far and keeps an eye on Aryaman. Aryaman goes there. Anshuman thinks sorry Aryaman, I have to do this, of you get the keys, it will be proved that you came to us for money. Aryaman does not take it. Anshuman smiles thinkins I was wrong. Aryaman goes there again and takes the keys. Anshuman is shocked. Aryaman takes a key and Anshuman is disappointed. Aryaman laughs and sits in his chair. Anshuman thinks you should have not done this, you broke my trust.

Anuja tells Pakhi that I m worried for Aryaman. Pakhi says everything is fine now. Aryaman goes to steal money from the safety vault.

Update Credit to: Amena

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