Tumhare Liye(For You)..Swaragini…One Shot


Tumhare Liye(for you)… Hai friends… Iam a regular reader of all the ffs here..I should really appreciate you guys for having wonderful writing skills.Keep it up guys. Here,iam gonna write a one shot.Iam writing this for one of my friend.I dont wanna reveal her name as iam sure she will read this os for sure. Here we go..

Some children are playing in a park.A beautiful girl enters the park in a pink scooty.She looks so cute and loving. When she stepped down from the scooty itself ,all the children starts running towards her shouting “Ragini diiii” Yes,the girl is none other than our cute n adorable Ragini. She gets very happy to see their love for her.She gifts chocolates,gifts,dresses etc to them.They insist her to play along with them.After playing for a while ,they start talking to Ragini. A small child:Ragini di..may I ask something to you?Will you tell me the truth. Ragini:Yes ofcourse…ask.. Girl:You are not married na..? Then why are you wearing that chain(mangalsutra) which married girls wear? A drop of tear falls from her eyes. Girl:You promised me that you will answer me..say na!! Ragini:Okay..i will say..

Ragini starts saying her story. When I was in collage second year,two guys were mad for me…they were always behind me asking me to marry them.But I should admit it,they both were so handsome. I never gave much attention to them.But once I found them beating eachother for me.I had no other way ,so I said them that I will marry one of them.But on one condition.I said them that I will conduct a test to find who loves me more. The test will begin tomorrow and it will last for 5 days. There starts the story. On the first day..i asked them to say their likes and dislikes..Thats it.

On the second day,I started my work.I took them for lunch.I ordered the food which they hates the most. Both of them were making some weird faces while having it.But they didnt even said a word. On the third day, I took them for a shopping.I choosed come dresses for them and then I asked them to try it.Actually,I choose the colours which they hate n also I was sure that they will look like jokers in such dresses. .Still they both nod and didnt said anything.But after trying the dress,when I asked them whether they liked those dresses.One of them said me “No”.Actually I was impressed at that moment but I didnt show it. On fourth day. I asked them to do many things which they hate.They both did it without saying anything. On the fifth day. Today is the day…the day I should decide my partner.But actually I was cheating them.Today is the day on which iam going London. They both starts calling me.But I kept disconnecting the call.Then I got a message from one of them..The message was “happy journey”.I was like”what..he knew that iam going to landon,today..still he did all the things which I asked him to”.He was the same one,who said No” on that shopping day.Actually I was impressed by his behaviour on that day itself..Now..again more impressed.So I thought to meet him before going. I found him standing near a golgappa shop.I start crossing the road to reach him.Suddenly a truck comes infront of me.I got shocked and closed my eyes.I felt myself being pushed by someone.I opened my eyes and found him lying on the road,being hit by the truck,around a pool of blood.I was standing there like a statue. In hospital Doctor said me that he is in a critical situation.He also aksed me to meet him. I entered the room. He:You didn’t go to London? I was crying continuously….. Ragini:If you knew it before ,then why did you do all that i said. He:Because i love you.. Ragini:You put your life in danger just for me.. He:Tumhare liye..kuch bhi.. He closed his eyes saying it…I couldn’t even talk to him properly…He gave his life for me…We never talked properly.Still he … From that day onwards i decided,there will be no one in my life..other than him and so,wore a mangalsutra on his name… Small child:What is his name?? Ragini:His name…his name is..Sanskar Maheswari.. That’s my story .Ragini Sanskar Maheswari’s story.I know that he is no more n We were not married ..But from that day onwards…he was/is my husband n he will be …forever…

I know this one shot is little boring…sorry for that..i will write one more os either on Saturday or on Sunday..Thats also for my friend..Hope you are happy now..Next os will be a better one..

Credit to: For You

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh that very emotional! I will love to read another OS of yours 🙂 Keep it

    1. Thanks a lot…?I will post it soon..

  2. Owsme….she s realy great

  3. it was really beautiful and emotional story. well written

  4. A wonderful and heart touching story Hats off to unconditional love.

    1. Thanks a lot Amna?

  5. So emotional.it really heart touching.loved it.

  6. A very good story…emotional but that’s ok because not every story has a happy ending…but your story depicts true love beautifully…come back soon with another os?

    1. Thanks a lot adu….?
      I will post it soon?

  7. Wow so nice

  8. Wow awsm story jst loved it

  9. nice 1….

  10. Wow superb..nd vry emotional

  11. no di its not boring its awesome I just loved it ur frnd l be glad reading this and waiting for ur next os hope that’s also of ragsan

    1. Thankyou so much Priya…Iam waiting for my frnd to read it..I will post next one soon …n ha,it will be of ragsan itself..?

  12. Very nice.keep going.really intresting……

      1. Urs welcome nd may I.know who is that friend I mean her name?

  13. gr8 dude u r fab !!

    1. Thanks a lot Riya?

  14. Its is awsm and by the way who is the girl ? ……….Jst curious ?

    1. Thanks a lot?
      You will get to know it by seeing the reply which iam gonna give her when she comment…?
      sadly she didn’t comment yet?

    2. Don’t worry yaar u hav written such a cute and emotional story she will surely read it and love it and the writer ?

      1. Thankyou so so much…?
        I read most of the ffs here…n i love ur ek cup coffee ff..,its very different..its pic is also so cute..?

    3. Oh thank u? and I hope she comments soon ?

  15. Wow no words very emotional. …..

    1. Thankyou so much megha?

  16. This was an awesome shot…i loved this Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari’s story…?

    1. Thanks a lot Eva?

  17. extremely sry for the late cmnt dear. really i’m flying on cloud nine. i cant say my happiness in word. n abt ur os is awsm. actually u know there is another connection also. ragini did this for sanskar. n u did this for sankari. what a connection na.

    1. ur story is really heart touching. i didnt expect a tragic story but really extordinary dear

    2. i hope u know thirukural the short n sweet poem ur story also short n sweet dear

      1. As i said..i will post one more os on Ragsan..n ofcourse that one is also specially for u..
        Actually u know..i have many friends here…but the concern which u showed for me made me accept you as my bestie in TU site…

    3. ..i was waiting for your comment for a long while…i felt so happy reading it….Commonly people will write a story n will select an apt title for it..But here,i selected the title first “Tumhare Liye”( u know na,why i selected it as the title)..Then i wrote a story relating to it…Iam damn happy to see ur comment..??
      N ha,u r right..ragini done it for sanskar n me..for you..?

      1. again sry dear. i know no sry n thnq in frndship but i saw the tittle in morning. enaku takunu click agala idhu ninu. bcos nan eppaum regulara padikiradadan first search pannuven. bore adicha mattum dan pudu articles padhipen. ninu terinjirunda morninge padichirupen. i love u my dear.
        unku en real name mudhalaye teriuma?

      2. Haan..i knew it..you already said it once in ur ff..??
        Sorry sollavena..enakku undan commentkaka wait pannathu santhoshamana karyam tha,…
        I tried to speak in Tamil,..ethavadu mistake irukka???

      3. ur tamil is soooooo cute i liked it very much dear.

  18. Wow so the girl is u aastha…..no doubt u t sooo sweet ?

    1. Yes…she is my friend..aastha…??

    2. yes my thangam ava frnd nan dan. kalaila irundu enna terinjika romba eagar ah irundha la. haan plz update ur ff. i’m waiting

    3. I feel like ending that yaar so I don’t think I will be able to post it

      1. un story mudinjidhicha? plz come soon with another ff.

    4. Sure aastha ?

  19. Awesome

  20. post next soon
    this so nice

    1. Thanks…n i will post it asap?

  21. wow…. it was awesome….

    1. Thankyou so much nita?

  22. amazing OS…..?

  23. Emotional nd beautiful

    1. Thankyou so much?

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