Tum se na ho payega – (Chapter 3)

Tum se Na ho payega…… (Chapter 3)

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I am back with my second chapter of TUM SE NA HO PAYEGA. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Chapter 2

Scene 1
At School
It was the second last day of school before summer vacation. As the days were passing, Shivaay was getting more and more attracted towards Annika. Annika on the other hand also started feeling for him and was started liking him. Rudra was the happiest person on the earth as he got one elder sister whom he can share everything. Annika’s bond with OmRu was getting stronger and they became best friends. As the days were passing, Shivaay was getting closer to her. Her touches and smiles, made him go on ninth cloud. Annika also was comfortable with Shivaay as could share her thoughts with him and Shivaay who was a good listener, used to listen her and help her. Mallika was the most jealous person now. She was getting crazy for Shivaay and was greedy for him. Annika was very weak at English speaking, and Mallika used this as her weapon to show Annika low in front of her the class. Shivaay, being a faithful lover was helping Annika in her improvement. Shivika was a kind hearted and a jovial girl. She was a very good friend of Shivaay. She liked Annika and wanted her as her best friend as there was no friend of Annika except ShivOmRu. One day during lunch break, she went Annika and smiled

Shivika: Hello hottie, will you be my friend? (Winked ;))
Annika: Sure baby! Why not? (Laughs)
Shivika: Okay, so should we have our lunch together? (looks at Annika’s tiffin and screams) WOW!! ALOO PURI!! (Starts acting as she is crying) how can you not share this with me, this is my favourite!! When my mother was alive, she used to prepare this and leave for my papa, and I used steal this and finish this.
Annika: Why did your mother hid this?
Shivika: Actually, I was very fat at that time and doctor did not allow this in my diet. So my mother used to hide this and I am good at stealing food, steal that finish that in one go.
Annika: What happened to your mother?
Shivika: Oh she committed a suicide three years ago when she had a miscarriage and because of that, my father divorced her. My father hated me because as I was a girl and he wanted a boy. My mausi is a loving lady and at that time, she stood by me and adopted me. She is my mother now and my mausa ji is my father the trusty of this school.
Annika: Wow! This is so good and emotional. I wish I also had a mother. Anyways, I don’t want to cry now. Let’s have lunch now.
Shivika: Sure! I have brought pastry today. I love this dark chocolate with cranberry. Want to try?
Annika: Of course! (She took a small bite and made a weird but a cute expression). This is so KADVA!! (She spitted that)
Shivika laughed heartily at Annika’s reaction.

Shivika: Oh Annika! You are so funny! (Annika became shy and smiled).
Shivika went in the girl’s washroom, when she heard Mallika shouting:
Mallika: How dare that Annika! I hate her. I will hurt her now as she is coming between me and my Shivaay. Shivaay is only mine. No one can snatch him from me. He is only mine.
Other girls: what will you do?
Mallika tells them her plan. Shivika is shocked. She comes out of the washroom and shouts:
Shivika: How can you do this!! It’s Shivaay who is falling for Annika. How can you fall so low?? You did this with Jaya also when you were behind Vikram. Are you crazy?
Mallika: You will not be able to stop Annika getting hurt. I bet you.
Shivika: Let’s see then.
Mallika: Annika will go with her broken leg and you with your bleeding hand today. (She leaves smirking)
Shivika: I have to tell Annika to be careful and warn her.
Shivika was leaving and was at the door when suddenly someone closed to door so hard that her hand went in between and she got a huge cut on her left hand. She was bleeding and screamed. Some students and teacher took her to the nursing house in the school hostel. Shivika failed to tell Annika about Mallika’s deadly plan and she cried.

It was nearly 1:30 pm and grade 9th’s games period. Mallika was looking for a chance to find Annika alone. At last that moment came when Annika was on the sharp and dangerous broken stairs when Mallika pushed her!! She went down rolling on them. Mallika who ran upstairs colliding with Shivaay hurriedly and Shivaay saw her. He went down and saw Annika in her worst condition where she was crying badly and holding her leg. She had small cuts on her forehead and cheek. Shivaay was shocked. He called for help and took Annika to the games teacher of their school. Mallika was showing her fake affection towards Annika. She was smirking and acting as she is feeling bad for Annika. When the teacher asked Shivaay about Annika’s condition, Shivaay was lost in his thoughts. He remembers about his talk had a deal with Mallika’s brother, Harsh that if Shivaay anyhow hurt Mallika, he will beat Rudra as once Rudra did something wrong and Harsh knew the secret. And now Harsh was using Rudra to create a rift between Shivaay and Annika as HARSH LOVED ANNIKA. (Harsh was Mallika’s elder brother who is in grade 10th. He can do ANYTHING for her sister’s happiness). Shivaay didn’t thought anything and spoke:
Shivaay: I accidently pushed Annika, as Harsh Bhaiya was running after me and Annika was on those stairs, she got hit and fell down. I am really sorry. I will do whatever you want me to do.
Teacher: Go, write an apology letter and call your parents.

Shivaay nodded. Annika was shocked that how can he save Mallika when Mallika pushed her? How can Shivaay take the blame on himself? She was shocked as she felt Shivaay is caring and liked her. She was comfortable with him and what not. She was free with him and felt love for Shivaay. Shivaay broke her heart. She cried. Shivaay, who was not able to see tears in her eyes, left the place. He ran upstairs and locked himself in an empty classroom and cried. How can he save the one who hurted her lady love? He was scared to loose Annika because he remembered Harsh. FB (flashback) shows: Harsh coming to Shivaay. He tells him,
Harsh: My sister, Mallika loves you. She can do anything for you. Rudra will be beaten if you make my sister cry. Rudra will be thrown out of school. I don’t think so that you will get your brother insulted and will let him go out of school that to in mid-session. I want to tell you one thing, I know you like Annika a lot and do not want to lose her but for your kind information; I LOVE ANNIKA and one single tear in my sister’s eye because of you will lead to hurted Annika which will be done by my sister Mallika.
Shivaay: what do you mean by hurting Annika by your sister?
Harsh: Go to the old staircase and you will yourself find it. (Laughs loudly)
Shivaay rushes to old staircase. FB ends.
Shivaay is crying. Someone knock the door. He opens it. It’s Mallika there. She is smiling
Mallika: O Shivaay baby! Are you crying for that cheap Annika? Please say it is wrong. I have done what I want to achieve. See today, I want to talk something very important.
Shivaay: Now what will you do, after hurting my Annika?
Mallika: Excuse me! She was never yours; I am yours from the beginning. Will you be my PRINCE CHARMING?
Shivaay was about to slap her but just then he saw Harsh standing outside. He had no other option. He said …………Yes………
Mallika couldn’t say anything. She hugged him. Harsh signs Shivaay to smile and hold her. Shivaay doesn’t gives a smile and very lightly holds her. Just then Omkara enters and sees Shivaay hugging Mallika. He gets annoyed and pulls and takes Shivaay out.
Om: Fhat the Wuck were you doing with Mallika! You only told me that you are in love with Annika, then what was that?? Shivaay!! Why are you crying? Come down with me. Annika fainted!
Shivaay was SHOCKED! He ran madly with him and saw her stretcher going in the ambulance. He requested the teacher to go with her. Teacher says “its home time and you are not permitted. If you want to come, you can come by your own vehicle. Your parents are with the trusty. Om called them. You can take permission and come”. Shivaay who was in tears told Omkara something and he ran to the trusty’s office. After few seconds, ShivOm got into the car and followed the ambulance. They reached outside hospital and he followed Annika. Annika went inside the OT and the operation started. Pinky and Shakti reached the hospital and didn’t spoke a word to their son as they knew that Shivaay couldn’t have done this intentionally. The teacher called Annika’s brother and told him to come to the hospital. Finally operation got over and doctor came out and told something to the teacher. Teacher asks Shakti to come aside and tells him something.
Teacher: Mr. Oberoi, the student needs to stay here for some days. Her leg is broken. It was your child’s mistake so you have to pay the bill.
Shakti: I know it’s my duty. I will definitely pay it.
Teacher: Annika’s brother is coming. You can talk to him and complete the formalities. I shall take a leave now.
Shakti: Sure. Thank you so much. (Annika’s brother enters)
Annika’s Brother: So are you ready to pay for my sister’s accident?
Shakti: Yes.
Annika’s brother: then I have no problem.

Shakti and Annika’s brother talked for a while. Just then doctor enters and says that she is fine, they can go and meet her. Annika’s brother enters and consoles her. Later Pinky and Shakti also visit her. After two three hours, Shivaay requests to go inside. Pinky allows him and he enters.
Shivaay (looks at Annika): Annika, I am really sorry for what I did. Hey! Why are you not looking at me? Annika!
Annika: I don’t want to talk to liars and heart breakers. Just leave.
Shivaay cries and leaves. ……Bolna maahi bolna…plays…

PRECAP: Annika leaves crying. Shivaay is crying. One month leap. Shivaay looks at Annika. ……Roke na ruke naina….. plays.

Alright everyone, hope you like it. Please do comment and let me about your views on my fan fiction. I will post my next chapter on Sunday or may be before if I got time to write as I don’t get time to write because of my school. Okay, thank you everyone for reading this and showing your love. Keep reading, keep commenting.
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