Tum se hum hai, hum sai tum ho – raglak (shot 2)

shot 1

All were sitting and talking while dayal Jerks holds his head back side he turns and sees something and turns back gets in to thinking.

Laksh:- what happen uncle are you OK.

Dayal:- earthquake is going to come.

Sanlak:- what.

Shailaja:- what happen why are you shouting.

Dayak:- they are feeling angry and you were not serving them anything.

Shailaja:- oh I am sorry about to call servant but dayal interrupts her.

Dayak:- you make something fresh and hot as one hour your daughter son will so reach naa.

Shailaja looks at him in weird way but nodes her head and goes to kitchen.

Dayal slowly:- sujju I need your help. You just go to Shailaja make her busy and don’t allow her until I give you signal.

Sujatha:- OK but did anything happen..

Dayal:- I don’t knew these two messaged me saying keep mom away from hall and busy for few minutes.

Sujatha:- anything for you bhai..
Saying she gets up..

Dayal:- and sujju don’t come out until I give signal to you OK.

Sumitra nodes and goes from their..

Dayal call someone and says come in..

All turns by listening silent foot steps sounds..
A man comes stretching his hands says daddy..
Your sunny is back.

Dayal :- arjun…

Both hugs and says where is ragini.

Ragini:- hato saying this she pushes arjun.

Lak and San gets shocked and looks at each other smiles…

Sanskar:- bhai babhi..

Laksh:- shh. All will lisen.

Dayal:- what happen to you and what these all marks..

Ragini:- folds her hands and says ask your son what he did and I landed into problem in saving him.

Dayal:-arey say me what happen.

Ragini:- I was waiting for him but he did not arrive in time but flight had landed I got doubt so went inside by using my id is then I saw your so called son was surrounded by crowd and they were about hit him.

Arjun:- then my sister cop came as heroine and saved me by taking that hit but dad you knew they hitter her on forehead and blood too came.

Dayal shouts loudly what ragini you got hurt and blood to came and u didn’t said to me.

Ragini stumbles and says dad please calm down mom will listen if she came to knew about my wound she will kill me.

Dayal drags her and makes her sit on sofa with a thud goes to bring first aid. While ragini gets shocked seeing San Lak in front of them while arjun sits and says your we’re rp uncle right dad best friend and your wife is dad best sister.

Ragini:- you can say aunty was dad sister right instead of wife and I said to dad not to send you to foreign.. See you don’t knew any language and grammar.

Arjun:- oye you were talking with most wanted munda.

Ragini hits her head but wines in pain ouch..
She sees her forehead was again bleeding.

Arjun:- oh my God you were bleeding again I will call mom..

Shailaja comes running to Hall saying around when you reached and why are you shouting where is ragini.

Arjun:- Maa ragu got hurt on forehead and she was bleeding.

Shailaja:- but where is she.
Arjun turns and doesn’t find her while rest sees her under sofa where she was hiding and cursing her brother..

Meanwhile dayal comes with first aid talks with out seeing Shailaja.

Dayal:- when will you grew up ragini. If you mom sees you got hurt she will kill you and me with her tuition classes she already hates your job and looks up and sees Shailaja looking at him angrily
He gulps and looks around..

Shailaja:- ragu where were you were just come outside otherwise you knew me very well.

She comes out from sofa and looks at her..

She removed her cap and sees her forehead got
cut. She makes her sit and starts cleaning her wound.

Ragini:- mom it’s not my mistake it’s bhai mistake by saving him I got injured. He thought he was flirting a girl but later it turned to women that yo wife of minister.. They were about to hit him before I could stop them that Rod landed in my head. I am saying mom just make him married otherwise he won’t able to see difference between girls women and even oldies.

Arjun:- oye most wanted munda shadi should be rocking.

Ragini:- in our job most wanted word suntan hi arrest Karlegi. Arrest karu kya..

Arjun nodes her head seeing her mom not responding to their fight. She signals to dayal.

Ragini:- Maa I said na it’s not my fault but still i am sorry.

Shailaja:- people will join in civil services being interested or with passion but you knew to bhai why she joined. Just because after completing studies and being not interested in businesses she just applied groups and selected.. I never saw someone choosing profession because they felt bored..she keep on scolding while she looks on..

Dayal:- by the way Laksh sannskar he is my elder son arjun who going to join in my business and she was my doll my jeans ragini an acp in airport.

Sumatra cares arjun face and says he just gone on babhi but ragini went on you bhai she is so cute and.

Shailaja:- annoying face expression mat do..

Sujatha looks on and says:- Arey babhi she is so cute not annoying..

Ragini smiles weekly and signals dad save me na.. Mom is behaving as if I got shot.

Dayal Shailaja and arjun:- shut up.

Voice:- who should shut up..

All turns back see Shekhar Sumitra and Swara.

Ragini:- what a day yar I am meeting them all again that yo in close relations.

Dayal hugs shekar following rp where Sumitra meets all..

Shekhar :- whom you were saying to shut up.

Dayal:- this girl and see where ragini already running into room by shouting I will freshen up and come.

Sumi:- why what happen bhai you always proud of her than your son.
Shailaja says what ever happen..

Sumi:- shailu I knew you worried but her profession is different Rey you should support her instead of making her scared more.

Ragini*comes down wearing white pants and flowers pink shirt and sits next to arjun who came after freshening up.

Rp:- by the way ragini these are my sons

Ragini:- Laksh Maheshwari and sanskar Maheshwari. Where as Laksh was elder Don and sanskar was younger. And Swara Arora

Rp:- how do you knew them where as you never met from childhood.

Ragini:- you have to thank me because I didn’t arrested your sons and your small daughter in law.

Dayal:- what are you talking Beta.

Rp:- don’t tell me you didn’t see news today. Why small son took a brave step and gifted me my small daughter by proposing her in brave way by breaking airport rules but my elder son don’t knew when he will bring my elder daughter.

Laksh looking at ragini says soon dad don’t worry you will get your elder daughter while ragini lifts her eye brows.

Rp:- so you were that officer who left my sons with out arresting oh God thank you for leaving them otherwise it might became a issue..
Ghor sai dekho in dho chorai ko vadai ghar sai Aya but kham chorai chorai ghaisa.

Laksan:- dad..

While rp and ragini laughs first hive to each other..

Arjun:- dad by the way my intro party is tomorrow evening na. It’s should be damaka

Ragini:- my God he again started already my head is painting from top you were killing me from airport by giving more importance to your self.

Arjun:- because I am special.

Ragini:- ha ha if you won’t think like that it will become difficult to see your face in mirror.

Arjun holds her neck while she escapes and twist his hand says bhai becarefull now I am not only sister but a cop who knows self defense.

Arjun:- a sister is always a sister saying this he turns her again both starts messing their hair..
And stops seeing Shailaja sets their hair…

Arjun:- Maa I am hungry give me I mean us food na.

All goes near dinning table while Laksh follows ragini and says in her ear..

Laksh:- so your name is ragini hm nice ragini the app . do you really joined in this service just you were bored..

Ragini:- hmm of course did you not lisened to mom while she was saying this.

Laksh:- I listened but could not figure it out whether she was praising you Or scolding you.

Ragini:- in these many years I could not understand what will you understand.

Laksh:- hmm.

Ragini:- Chala let’s have dinner.

Laksh:- if you also come then I am ready to go anywhere.. Ragini gets stunned she turns and looks on while Laksh winks his eyes and goes from their.

Precap:- Raglak moments and party..

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