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UpdateNaeema asks Saba not to look for price tag. Shabbir abides by her. Her friends appreciate her khaloo. Saba selects a small top, Naeema says it is too short. Shabbir says it is of modern thinking. She gets her ammi’s call. She asks is Naeema with her. She asks what happened. Nasima tells her that her abbu thinks Naeema is with Shabbir. Saba says they don’t meet, and gives the call to Naeema. Naeema promises she won’t meet Shabbir before marriage. Someone records it.
Mariam asks abba jan why he didn’t ask her for glasses. He asks her about her samples. Mariam says Younis liked it. She takes her newspaper, he says she is becoming her amma now. He misses his amma now, and says he used to complain to her dadi about her amma’s scolding; gets tear-eyed. The bext day to her amma’s

death, he did a mistake and wanted his amma to come and scold him. People don’t value the things that are near to them, they consider the whole world as sand. Mariam says she also lost her world, and recalls her husband. She leaves, when Abba ji says she still has a world i.e Najma. Tauseef’s memories are sweet fragrances, but Najma is the one she has to grow up. Mariam says she is living because of Najma. He asks about Najma, then regrets that he didn’t think about understanding their dreams. She must not do the mistake. She says she will do anything for Najma.
At school, Najma comes to Imran. She asks him for her shoes, in front of the coach. He tells her they are in the bag. Waqar asks about the shoes, she says they were gift. Afshan comes fighting, when Fizza and Waqar fights back. Imran scolds her, while Afshan’s match begins to start. Najma says all the best to her. Imran looks at her.
Altaf calls Mariam, and says he brought adrak and lemon for pickles. His sister, Imran’s mother made it, and he likes it a lot. He says he wants to make her happy. He now stay happy with coaching, and Najma doesn’t let him sad. They discuss about what must be happening at the school. Mariam fears if she doesn’t get selected. Altaf says he won’t let Imran enter home. She tells him to send sweet, and cut the vegetables, she will tell him about the pickle recipe.
Najma sits worried, Fizza and Waqar were worried too. Imran comes to her, and says Najma is overconfident, he is happy she has come to line today. He gets a call, and goes out.
They guard notices this.
Imran tells Altaf Najma’s match hasn’t started yet. He hangs on the phone, and watches the guard stealing wine. Imran catches him, and heads to take him to principle. The guard asks for apology. The referee calls Imran, he makes the guard sit. The guard thinks he must do something. A child had a cramp. The guard mixes his wine, with Imran’s juice. Najma’s match goes on,when Imran notices something wrong in the juice bottle.

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PRECAP: The guard blames Imran. Imran hits the peon, but principle asks Imran to leave or the peon will push him out.

Update Credit to: Sona

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