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Younis asks Saba if she has prepared the points of her debate, and make her write them. He says she will speak against media, as media has ruined the society. Saba says it has many uses. He says he has told her she will speak against it. He begins the points. The first, media is a part of false propaganda and shows whatever it wants. Fizza repeats the points. Saba gets Naeema’s call, Saba cheers listening to her that Shabbir has bought her dress. Younis looks at her skeptically, she tells her abbu is making her write the debate. Naeema hangs on. Younis asks about the matter. Saba says that hers and Shabbir’s date of births have matched, and asks about the next points. But Younis dismiss the sitting, saying he is tired of their calls.

Mariam looks at Najma sleeping with the shoes

on. She remembers her husband Tauseef who also used to sleep with the shoes after practice. She thinks about returning them to Imran, and comes to window. Imran was doing Yoga, she asks Altaf to keep them. Altaf asks her to throw them, and one of them goes to Imran’s lap. Imran comes angrily to Altaf, he explains that it was no one’s mistake. Mariam asks for apology, as it wasn’t his mamu’s mistake. Imran looks at her, hands the shoe to his mamu and goes to yoga again.

Amma asks what has happened to Bilquees. Jamil comes to her in kitchen and asks why is she angry. She says that she had thought Younis and Nasima bhabi will look after it, but they got Mariam make the samples. Amma says she must say this to them, but she won’t. They have an argument. Amma suggests that she knows a lot of things to do, they must open up their factory. Bilquees says she knows well about Amma’s talents. Amma says atleast she do all these things. Jamil leaves for post office.
Najma was very excited in the morning, and says to Mariam that she will play in the national teams if selected. She says to abbu, that she is going for selection match; he is with Allah, he must ask him to make her win. Mariam says Ameen on her pray. She hugs her and says she will get selected InshaAllah. Mariam asks her to remind Imran to bring her shoes. Imran asks her not to say ‘Naye parosi’ but Sir to him. Najma says she had said it already, that they will keep both relations segregated. Altaf promises her, she appreciates him. Imran is annoyed at her. Maryam comes to say sorry, Imran says she always say the same. Najma says sorry herself, and asks him to bring the shoes please. He agrees.

In the school, Najma says to Fizza that she must stay with her. Waqar hears the conversation, and asks what is Najma playing. They both say it was about Kairam. Najma asks Waqar, does he think Najma is a good player. FIzza asks him not to tell abbu ji. Najma tells him she is taking part in tennis selection. Waqar says that abbu has forbidden her. Najma requests that she wants to play for her country, and fulfill her abbu’s dream. Waqar leaves, but they requests him. He agrees, and they hug him.

Younis talks on phone. Nasima asks him different questions. Younis scolds her to interfere, and promises him to talk later. He hangs on. Younis says he heard Naeema saying. Nasima isn’t ready to accept. Younis gets angry, and asks Nasima to call and asks Naeema where she is. Nasima says what is bad, even if they are meeting. Mariam says she used to meet Tauseef before marriage. Younis says not everyone is mature enough, Naeema isn’t Mariam, she is immature and young. Nasima says he always consider all faults in Naeema. Younis says if she had brought up Naeema, she must have been like Saba. Mariam says all their children are mature. Younis says he has no hopes with Najma, Nasima says Saba hears to whatever she says, she won’t care about the family. They both leave.

PRECAP: The guard gets Imran caught for drinking wine, mixed in juice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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