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Younis show Abba jan what is happening in their house, without bringing into their knowledge. Now he must ask her himself. Nasima asks Mariam, but abba jaan asks Najma what is this all. Younis also asks Najma. Fizza asks why are they shouting at Najma, these are Rabia- her class fellow’s shoes. She plays tennis, and she left so they brought them home else someone must have took them. Younis holds Fizza and asks is she saying truth. Aba jan says why is he suspected on everything, she is innocent, why would she lie and tells children to go as their rickshaw has come. Najma hugs Fizza, Fizza says she had promised she won’t tell anyone. They hug.
In school, Imran tells someone that he will get the finalists selected till tomorrow. He smells wine, and looks for the sourse. The guard sat

there, with the bottle. He scolds that there comes students. The guard says why he gets so angry, he may take it as he knows her also drinks. Imran takes the bottle from the guards and tells him to spill it over. He makes the guard run away. Najma comes and says he must take these shoes back. Imran asks what is the problem now. Najma says Baray abu and Bari ammi know about them. Imran asks what they must do know. Najma says he must take them with him, and bring them daily. Imran asks is he the luggage-holder. She says that now there is no other option, then. Imran agrees to keep them. Najma cheers, while Imran takes her to practice.
Younis asks Mariam for some samples. He notices Nasima was lost. She says she was thinking about Najma, don’t they scold her uselessly. Younis says she is always wrong. Nasima says that Mariam is working on the samples for him, what if she stops them and his business suffers. Mariam says that relations and business are separate things, Najma is also Younis bhai’s daughter; he doesn’t need to see the business sufferings for dealing her. Younis is happy to see all the samples. He thanks Mariam, Mariam says she wants to thanks him; she isn’t interested in his business. Younis says he respects her thinking.
Saba does the ramp walk in class, everyone cheers. Shabbir and Naeema come to meet her, Saba was worried but she laughs and asks her to do it again. Saba cheers and does the ramp-walk again. A girl from the class that she must not do the ramp walk in shalwar kameez. Saba says to Salma that she doesn’t have any western clothes. Shabbir promises to get her the western clothes.
Imran comes home and notices Altaf dancing. He brings him to consciousness. He asks about the bag, Imran says he must see into it. Altaf asks why he brought them back. Imran asks his mamu to hear to him, Najma can’t keep them so now he will take them daily. Altaf makes fun of him, Imran was frustrated being her teacher.
The post man, Jamal brings letter for abba jan. Mariam asks aba jan if Younis’s clients will like the samples. The postman says she must open her own factory, he will do partnership with her. Mariam says he must just continue with his job.
At night, Altaf appreciates the pan.
Najma instructs Mariam to hold tennis racket. Mariam tells her to prepare to sleep now, Mariam practices in the room. She is hurt by her slippers, and thinks she must practice in her shoes. She calls Imran, who comes to the window. She first instructs him upon pan, she asks him for shoes to practice. He scolds if he should throw them from here. Altaf agrees, Najma asks him to be careful. He throw the shows, Mariam asks what is this all, she must go to sleep. Najma insists for practicing for a while.
Saba was sitting with a magazine, while Waqar and Fizza ask her how to resize photo. Nasima asks her to help, Saba gets up. The magazine with western models fell on floor. Younis and Nasima are shocked to see this.

PRECAP: Altaf asks Mariam to throw the shoes. She throw it, it fells in the lap of Imran who was doing Yoga.

Update Credit to: Sona

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