Tum Saath Ho Jab 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Saba practices walking on the ramp. Waqar and Fizza were there. Waqas shuts off the music, and asks is she participating in any fashion show. Rehmat bibi comes there, and asks what is happening here. Nasima comes in, and asks Rehmat to go and give clothes in laundry. Rehmat complains Nasima about what Saba had been doing. Nasima scolds her not to say a word to her children. Rehmat isn’t ready to accept mistake and leaves annoyed. Saba tells Nasima that she only played the music, because Waqar wanted to dance.
Mariam stops Altaf on stairs. She brings the shoes and tells him to return them to Imran. Altaf says he just brought them in the child’s love, she must not worry about them. Mariam was about to throw the shoes, Imran comes there and says she must not consider it as an owe upon

her. He just wants Najma to get selected, else Najma might get hurt on knees and feet. Altaf and Imran both insist on her to keep the shoes. Mariam says he doesn’t understand. Imran says she isn’t understanding, there is nothing wrong if a teacher gifts his student with a pen. Maryam takes the shoes back. Najma was happy and comes out on the door. Mariam gives her the shoes, and goes inside.
Jamil appreciated the poetry he had done himself. Bilquees comes and says she has to sleep, he must make Amma listen his poetry. Amma also scolds him for waking her with his poetry. He was helpless in the house. He comes out to write under the road light, but dogs barked at him.
Waqar tells dada jan that there are tennis selections after three days in the school. Had abba allowed him, he would also have got selected. Mariam brings a file, dada jan asks for pen. Najma asks shall she give the pen, and opens her bad in front of Younis. Her bag lied open on the floor, while she heads to the table again. Younis was matching the colours of the embroidery, and was about to look at the bag when Mariam watches the bag open. She points at Najma about the shoes, she doesn’t understand. Something from the table fell off, Mariam picks it before Younis when they see Saba coming there doing cat-walk. Younis and abba jan scold her to walk like this, and asks Mariam to bring tea. The bag comes in Saba’s way, she was about to pick it up when the shoes fell down. Younis says these are sports shoes. Younis asks Najma where she got the shoes, he was angry. Najma couldn’t answer.

PRECAP: The guard of school says to Imran that he knows he drinks too. Younis watches Saba with fashion magazine.

Update Credit to: Sona

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