Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Saath Ho Jab 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saba talks to her friend Salma, that his abbu will get really angry, She won’t participate in the festival. Salma asks her to bring a copy of her abbu’s signature, she will sign them.
Mariam comes to wake Najma, she was ready and trying Imran’s old shoes. She says they are tight, and torn too. She changes them. Altaf says to Imran that he didn’t do the right thing by asking Najma for the sport shoes. He tells him what he heard of Mariam, being a widow.
Younis asks Nasima for the bill payment. Mariam tells her the amount. Saba comes and asks abbu for participating in the extra-curricular activity. Younis says he has a lot of trophies, for debates but Nasima has kept them locked in cupboard and never shows them to their children. Nasima taunts that she must show them to children,

like Mariam has made Najma crazy by showing her badminton. Younis gets angry at Nasima for this, and asks Saba for the form to sign. Saba says Waqar spilt water on it, she will bring a new form tomorrow. They leave. Mariam says to Nasima that children don’t get crazy looking at parent’s achievement, but gets encouragement to do something.

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Mariam thinks where should she bring her new shoes. She takes a ring which her husband had given her before marriage. He had proposed her with this ring, and told her to keep it safe. She says sorry to him, as it is a question about her Najma’s dreams. Najma plays with her schools shoes, but is unable to do it. She holds them in hands, and says they must understand her mother can’t afford her sport shoes, so they must cooperate. Imran hears her. She looks at him, and says the new shoes hurt her so she will play with the old ones. Imran gives her new shoes. She asks whose are they? He says he brought them for her. She is happy that she will surely win now, and wears them. She takes her foot away from them, then says that her ammi says she must not take anything from a stranger. Imran says he isn’t a stranger, but a new neighbor as she calls her. He says he will talk to her ammi. She says if something bad happens, she will be forbidden for playing. He says she badly needs code shoes, they won’t hurt her heels and back with any strain. She wants the national champion, and the selection is starting in three days. She wears the shoes.
Saba’s friends buck her to sign the forms, saying if she wins all the college will be behind her. She smiles, and signs the form; then walks in the canteen asking for music. She was about to kiss the form, but her friends says it will get the lipstick.
Najma comes to Mariam, she was happy. She asks Mariam why she keeps on doing embroidery always. Mariam says she is preparing some designs for her baray-abbu, if they get selected her baray-abbu will get a big contract. Najma says she is also going to get selected for the tennis matches. Mariam asks her to get ready now, as they have to go and buy sport shoes for her. Najma asks where she got the money. Mariam shows her the ring, that her abbu gave her. Najma hugs her, and says she has got the sport shoes. Mariam scolds Najma for taking the shoes. Najma says he insisted, and said he will talk to her.
Mariam comes to the window, and asks them why he gifted Najma these shoes. She says it is about their self-respect. She respects his feelings, but can’t take the shoes.

PRECAP: The school shoes fell off Najma’s bag. Younis points at them, and asks these are the school shoes and comes to Najma.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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