Tum Saath Ho Jab 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Altaf tells everyone that Mariam is such a pure hearted person. Everyone asks Mariam what is he talking about. ALtaf tells them that he was going on auto, when he saw an accident and Mariam saved every injured. She saved so many lives. Imran drags Altaf inside, Nasima and Younis asks Mariam what was the need to do this all. Younis asks Mariam to go inside, and asks Najma where the accident took place. Najma says it was on the road.
Imran ties ALtaf on chair, his mouth shut. Najma brings Mariam to window, they both requests on Imran to free him up. Imran opens him up, Altaf says he lied, for the betterment of them. Mariam says he turned her into Jhansi ki Rani, where you people get such ideas. Imran asks what did he do? Mariam says she didn’t mean it, and thanks Altaf.

is thrown on Imran’s terrace. He goes to get tennis net. Najma tells him it is her abbu’s, he must bring it tomorrow. Imran complains to Mariam that he first used to bring shoes and now the net. Mariam says it will be difficult for them to bring it in day time. He agrees.
Najma comes down with books. Saba was talking on phone, about the fashion trial.
Nasima asks them where they are going, Mariam says Najma has to do an assignment with friend so they are going to her home. Saba comes for the breakfast. Nasima asks she has to go college, Fizza says it is Sunday. Nasima says her friend called to tell her, that she has a lecture today. Saba says she won’t go today. Fizza and Waqar ask to join Najma, Nasima thinks she will get to know where they are going and allows the kids but Najma forbids Fizza. She understands and says they have to do homework, so they can’t go. Saba gets Salma’s call, and tells her she isn’t coming. Nasima says she must go. Saba agrees. Fizza and Waqar laugh that mother has been dumbed.
Altaf and Imran bind the net, Mariam miss Tauseef. Najma says to the net, that from now on you will watch all my practices abbu. Imran begins the practice session. Najma and Imran argue with each other. Mariam says they have less time, they must concentrate on practice. Imran asks Mariam if he isn’t making her practice. Altaf gets them back to practice.
Imran gets a call from Zeba. Najma asks who is she. Altaf tells them that she is Imran’s uncle’s daughter. Her parents have died, and Imran has taken the burden of her studies. Imran comes inside, and shouts at Altaf for not transferring money in Zeba’s account. Altaf takes Imran out, and says his money has ended. Mariam hears this.
Saba’s friends breakup with her. Ayaan watches her, and texts her from outside the class in which she was crying. Saba reads the text and throws it away. He comes inside and asks if she is ok. He says he knows everything. She shows him the text message that someone is annoying her. She asks him to call and talk to him. Ayaan says he will talk to him later. The friends come in and asks him to call right now. Saba calls the number, Ayaan’s cell phone rings. They girls come to him, Salma says their fight was fake and they wanted to see who follows Saba. They take him to get rusticated. Ayaan says he will get any punishment Saba will give him, he won’t come to college from tomorrow if she wants him to be rusticated. He says that if they go to principal, Saba will also get defamed and if her abbu knows about it she will be forbidden to come to college. They ask why he is doing this all. Ayaan says he likes her. Saba warns him to stay away from her.
At night, Mariam thinks about Imran’s tension about money. She comes to window; Imran was cleaning Najma’s shoes on terrace. He thought about Najma, and smiled. Mariam wishes to do something for him.

PRECAP: Mariam gives Imran money, asking him not to take her wrong.

Update Credit to: Sona

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