Tum Saath Ho Jab 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamal and Bilquees come home. Nasima brings Mariam downstairs, and calls Rehmat to bring a cloth and ice. They all are concerned. Nasima says Najma was playing, and the paper plane went into it. Mariam says she is fine. Younis worried that the client is arriving. Aba jan goes to bring eye drops. Younis scolds Najma, Fizza is about to tell them about Imran. Mariam says she just entered the room when Najma was playing. Najma says that Imran was also watching them. Aba jan comes there, and asks Younis to say no to client.
Salma tells Saba that it must be a blackmailer, who has her abbu’s number, still he didn’t do anything. Nasima comes there to the room, and asks why she shut the door. Nasima was worried that her abbu’s future is linked to Shrtiwastav ji. Saba says everything will

be alright. Nasima stops her and asks she is worried for a few days, what happened. Saba says her tests are approaching, and fears this photo must not get to ammi or abba.
Imran watches from the window, and says to Altaf she is really injured. Altaf says he must have taken revenge with her, for the shoe that she threw on him. Mariam and Najma come to the room. Imran asks him to ask about her. Altaf says he must ask by himself. Imran asks Mariam how is she . Najma tells him to be quiet, and asks Mariam to take rest. ALtaf asks Najma, Najma says they must not look at her window as well, as her ammi got injured because of him and her baray abbu scolded her. She didn’t hear Imran’s apology. Altaf also blames Imran. Imran asks Mariam, if she needs to go to doctor. Mariam stands up, and tells him she is fine. Imran says she is really hurt. Altaf suggests bringing the eye drops. Imran asks how will they give it to her, then.
Jamal asks Ama about the eggs they left. Ama was worried about Mariam, Bilquees complains she never concern about her. Ama and Bilquees have an argument.
Najma places ice on Mariam’s eyes, and says she will pour eye drops in her eyes, then she must sleep. Mariam says okay, doctor. Najma says she isn’t a doctor, but a tennis player. She watches the plane still lying there. They wonder why he threw it, Mariam asks her to get the paper. Najma opens the paper, she says this is something about tennis. Mariam says it is Lucknow Tennis Club’s form. She says he does so much for her, Najma cheers. She watches Imran on the window, and goes calling him. She says she got the form, thank you. Imran says he was trying to tell her, from the morning and asks her about the eye. Najma asks what she must do to the form. Imran says he has talked to them, the date is over, but he took special permission. Mariam says she will submit it, Imran says he would have gone with her but he has to go to school. Mariam says it is okay, she will go with Najma. Najma asks Imran he got the plane idea, from her thanking plane. Mariam takes her, while Imran smiles.
Nasima was lost, Younis asks what it is about. She says she fears someone has done magic on him, that her work isn’t being done. He says they will invites Sriwastav ji on a few days, Nasima says her eye is just red. The food is ready, they must invite him today. Nasima says she will see, if Mariam is fine she will invite her today.
Najma asks who will take her to the club, Mariam says she will come to school in the evening. Nasima comes there, and says she was really worried for her eye. Najma says she poured the eye drops. Nasima says to Najma that she is an able girl. Mariam asks she has something important. Nasima says she is fine today, should they call the client today. Mariam says she has to go somewhere with Najma, Nasima asks where. Mariam says she has to go to get a few things for her bhabi. Nasima says is it so important, Younis will scold of he knows. Mariam says whatever it is, but today she has to go. Nasima leaves, while Najma hugs Mariam.
Altaf asks Imran to look for it once more what he has written in the letter. He instructs on him not to be angry. From the window, Mariam and Najma also tells Imran to stay calm. Imran was annoyed, but Najma defends her ammi at once. Najma asks Altaf to go with him, as she doesn’t trust his anger. Altaf hugs Imran, Najma gives all the best to him. Mariam asks why she teases him, she says she enjoys it. ALtaf comes to ask them to pray for Imran.

PRECAP: Imran follows Najma and Mariam to the tennis player, will he get to know about the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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