Tum Saath Ho Jab 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Saath Ho Jab 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam calms down Nasima that she will manage everything, Nasima argues with Rehmat as Rehmat shouts on her to prepare Murgh Musallam. Mariam tells her the menu. Nasima deters Rehmat about keeping someone else, Mariam calms Rehmat down.
Altaf looks for Imran, and is worried. He worries what have happened in tennis club. Imran comes home, Altaf helps him sit. Imran says he is fine, and says tennis club is ready to take Najma.
Mariam tells Rehmat that one gets heart attack with angry. She is worried and calms down.
Jamal gives egg to Amma, There were four eggs, amma says they must make one into three. They do the Akar Bakar poem. Jamal wins. AMa takes her turn then.
Imran and ALtaf wait for Mariam and Najma. The neighbor and Mariam come together but Mariam goes inside.

ALtaf says they were flying kites, Mariam comes again. Altaf calls Imran, He tells her he is sending the paper, she must read it. The paper falls half way. Altaf goes to get it. Mariam asks what is was, Imran tells her to read it. He was about to throw it, when Younis comes upstairs. Altaf teases Imran.
The children discuss that abbu will get rich with this project. Saba comes and asks about the client. She tells them she went for movie. She tells ammi abu didn’t know, she asks Fizza to charge her mobile. Fizza asks if she can listen to songs when it get charged, Saba doesn’t allow. She puts her bag on the bed, and finds he photo in it, in western clothes. She was worried, and hides it as soon as Mariam enters. The photo drops on the floor, Mariam asks whose is this. Saba picks it up, tears it saying it is her friend’s and not a good one.
Imran makes plane of the form, ALtaf says he always made a better boat than his. Imran looks at Mehak’s photo. He says sometimes, good boat makers, aren’t able to cross the lakes. It sinks in the way. ALtaf takes him to the window, Najma had her earphones on. Imran calls her, and sends the form from window. Mariam arrives to the room, then and there. The plane gets into her eye, Najma comes to her. She shouts at Imran to fly paper-plane in her room. Imran says sorry to Mariam. Najma asks why he sent it to her. Imran was about to tell her, when Nasima comes there. Fizza tells her that Mariam got hurt with the plane, Nasima asks Mariam to show her eye. It was swollen. Imran says whatever he does goes wrong.

PRECAP: Nasima says to Mariam, they told the client not to come today, shall they call them today. Mariam says she has to take Najma somewhere today. Nasima queries where they have to go.

Update Credit to: Sona

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