Tum Saath Ho Jab 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam says to Saba that she and Naeema are partners in the lie, Naeema must not have told her ammi but she must talk to her ammi. Younis and Nasima trust her. Saba says she knows about their nature. Mariam says she must discuss it with her ammi atleast. Saba promises. Nasima comes there, Mariam says Saba wants to say something to her. Younis comes there, and tells Mariam their client Shrtivastav ji is coming home, tomorrow. Nasima says he will take care of him, and serve him well. Younis asks about his diary, Nasima says she has to say something important to her. Younis asks what she has to say, but gets a call and takes Nasima along. Saba promises Mariam that she will talk to her
Imran thinks about Mariam and Najma, what was the need of pain; when there is injury there will be pain.

He thinks about Najma. Mariam notices Najma isn’t on bed at night. Najma stood on the window. Mariam asks what is she doing, but she was lost. Najma says it is nothing. Mariam asks her to sleep. She come to bed, and asks will Imran get alright. Imran comes to window and listen to the conversation. Najma asks Mariam if dreams are a lie. She isn’t able to sleep, she always finds herself in the tennis court. Mariam says she knows about her pain, but not everything is in our hands. She says that she must not show it to Imran, he will dislike that her dream broke because of him. Najma says she won’t as she wants him happy too. Imran hears this all.
Younis talks to someone on phone. Nasima asks him to write mint on the list too, yougurt as well. He asks her about the key. Abba jan comes and asks what is happening here. Younis says they had to bring somethings from market. Aba jan says it seems good that Nasima has woke up too early. She thinks about Rehmat khala.
Imran comes to the room, and thinks about Najma. Mariam knocks the door, Najma brings her in and says she is wearing her shoes. Imran hears it again. Najma says she was missing tennis, so she played imaginary shoes. Mariam says she knows the consequences if someone knows about it. Najma tells her to return them. Mariam says he will dislike. Najma asks does she feel she will be able to play again. Mariam tells her that one shouldn’t lose hope so soon.
Altaf asks Imran what he is thinking. He says he will have to prove his innocence. He says that his habit of drinking snatches Najma’s dreams. He wants her to play. Altaf says she will play only when he resumes the job. He says he will talk about the tennis comitee, to make her play without school enrollment.
Naeema tells Saba to over look what Mariam says. Saba says Mariam will tell her anyway. Saba says it is wrong, but the convince her.
In the school, Najma thinks about Imran as she watches the peon. Some children come to call Imran drunk. Najma is angry, and slaps a guy. They fight, until the principal comes there. He scolds Najma and warns her that he will talk to Younis.

PRECAP: Imran throws a paper aeroplane that gets into Mariam’s eye.

Update Credit to: Sona

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