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Fiza walks towards Imran and Najma. What’s happening? Imran tries to explain but she says I dint ask you anything. This is our family matter. She turns to her Appi. You come here to learn tennis everyday and new neighbour helps you? She creates suspense but then breaks into a smile. You must play Appi. I was going to give you the same idea. Najma hugs her happily. Imran smiles too. Fiza tells him to teach her Appi well or else she will break the windows of his house by throwing stones. He nods. The sisters share another cute hug as Imran looks on.

Saba is talking to Naima on phone. I cannot call Shabbir every time to fix your dates. I am in college right now. Please do it yourself. She ends the call. Her friends come to tell her about the annual fest where there is dance, music,

fashion show and debate competition. Saba declines to participate in any of them as she recalls her Abbu’s words. Her friends try to convince him but in vain.

Imran tells his Mamu to courier the papers asap. Altaf says I have already done that. Imran’s shoe breaks. He asks his Mamu if he brought the bike home. Altaf had fun driving around the whole of Lucknow today. imran is irked that he had to buy all the stuff when he had the bike. Altaf lures him that he will cook something good for him by the time he is back. They end the call. Imran asks a guy if there is a cobbler around. he gets to know that there is one but a little far so starts walking irritated.

Mariam is in the market to buy threads for making the samples. She is told to wait for 5 minutes as those particular threads are in the godown. She nods. She notices Imran walking awkwardly. She greets him and asks him if he has been hurt. He denies but doesn’t explain it. she suggests him to visit a nearby doctor in case he needs help. He nods and then asks her if she is here to buy something. She says I had come to buy threads. They both tell the other to go first. She tells him that she will have to wait for the guy to bring threads from the godown. He agrees to go but stays put. She asks him again if he is alright. He says yes. the threads have come. Mariam turns to receive them when he starts walking again thinking that her mind has been diverted. She turns to look at him and finally notices his shoe. He finds her looking at him and pretends to check out something in the shop nearby. She smiles at his antics. He leaves finally and she cannot help herself from smiling. She is taken aback as she hears Abbajaan calling out for her. he just asks her what she is doing here. She tells him about the threads, takes them and leaves with him in the rickshaw. Salman Baig stops the rickshaw near Imran. he too asks him if he has been hurt. Imran denies. abbajaan offers him lift as they all are heading to the same place only. Imran sits finally.

Salman Baig is curious as to why Imran was walking like that. Mariam tells him to let it be but Abbajaan talks about his duty as neighbour. I will take you to doctor. What has happened to you? Mariam is trying to hide her smile. Imran finally shows him his torn shoe. Abbajaan shows his shoe too which is in a similar condition. This is why I took auto. Mariam smiles.

Nasima is talking to her Ammi again about how Younis made Shabbir agree for direct Nikah. The call ends. She tells Rehmat Bi to make bitter gourd as Younis had asked for it in the morning. Rehmat Bi says I cannot do it. only Mariam can make them as per his liking. Nasima takes it as a challenge. I will make it today. rehmat Bi gives them to her. be prepared for Younis’s critical point of views. Younis returns home. He gets to know that Nasima is going to make his special dish for him today. those are really lucky who get to eat the food cooked by you (Nasima) but please let Mariam make this special dish. Rehmat Bi says you have no other option today as Mariam has gone to market to buy threads for sample. She heads inside. Nasima tries to excuse herself but he questions her about it. you could have called me. I would have brought them. you know I don’t like all this. this is why I don’t want Mariam to step in my work life. All thread sellers know me. what will they think about me? don’t let it happen again.

Abbajaan and Mariam return just then. they ask him what happened. why are you scolding Nasima? Is this the way to talk to your wife? Younis tells Mariam to tell him in case she needs some threads. You don’t have to go to shops like this.

Altaf laughs over Imran’s condition and the incident at the market. Imran tells him to stop laughing and serve food as I am hungry. Altaf nods but continues to laugh over it.

Najma returns from school and greets her Ammi. They talk about the practise. Najma has been told to buy new shoes. You need proper sports shoes to play tennis. Will you get them for me? mariam asks about the price but Najma is clueless about it. najma runs towards the window to ask him. najma greets Altaf as new neighbour’s Mamujaan. Altaf greets her back and tells her his name too. Najma greets Imran too. How much will the new shoes cost? Imran and Altaf misunderstand it. she is also teasing you. Imran talks back to Mariam this time. It is surprising. You told everything to your daughter as soon as you returned home? Mariam looks at him in confusion while he continues talking. Your daughter has taken after you only. Altaf tells him to let it be but Imran stays put. Najma will tell everyone in school tomorrow and they will make fun of me. mariam tells him that najma does not know anything. She is asking about the price of the sports shoes that you had asked her to buy! We thought to ask you only. He apologizes and agrees to tell her soon. I thought that you told her about my torn shoes. Najma and Altaf make fun of it. she requests Imran to show her once how he was walking. Mariam sends her to change her clothes. She asks Imran about the cost of the shoes and is shocked to know that the shoes will cost around 2-2.5k.

Saba has brought the form home. She recalls her friends’ boosting words and starts practising ramp walk again. her siblings get distracted. What happens to her at times? Saba talks about big dreams, making it big in bollywood. Nasima saves Waqar from Saba. Saba starts buttering her mom on her new suit and looks. She tells her Ammi about the annual fest in her college. Nasima tells her to get the form signed from her Abbu but Saba says all my friends have got their mothers’ signatures over it. they all ask me if your mother isn’t literate! Nasima agrees to sign it. saba brings out the form to sign. Waqar tells her Ammi to read the form once. Saba angrily tells him to be quiet but Nasima tells her not to trouble her son. she is about to sign when she notices her husband coming in. Saba get it signed from your Abbu. Younis asks about the form. Saba lies to him that she is participating in debate competition in her college. He gets impressed with her and agrees to sign it. saba is all scared as he asks for the form. She is scared but he absentmindedly signs it as he gets a call from someone and gets distracted by the convo. She runs out of the room afterwards on the pretext of going to meet Dadajaan.

Mariam is thinking from where she will arrange that much money. Altaf gets up to drink water and finds Mariam sitting outside on her terrace. She looks worried. Najma finds her Ammis sitting alone outside and goes to ask her what is bothering her. mariam tells her that she wont be able to bring sports shoes for her. you will have to play with your old shoes only. Najma assures her that she will play well with her old shoes only. Now you must smile. Najjo’s Ammi doesn’t look good like this. mariam smiles and hugs her daughter. Altaf can see the pain in her eyes from his window. Mariam thinks how I wish I could become your Abbu too.

Precap: Imran gifts sports shoes to Najma. Mariam refuses to take it thinking about how the society will react after knowing it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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