Tum Saath Ho Jab 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Altaf brings Imran home. He watches Mariam and everyone watching. Waqar comes out, but Younis scolds her and sends him inside. The children go to balcony. Younis comes forward to help Imran go upstairs. Mariam watches him in the window, the children wave him. Younis turns around but the children hide then and there. Jamal tells Imran to take rest. Imran says thank you. Jamal says that neighbours help each other.
Mariam comes to terrace, and says thanks to God. Najma says she got him discharged. Fizza and Waqar suspect. Altaf tells Younis that Jamal came to look for Imran twice in the hospital, he even wanted to donate blood. Jamal offers to send them food even, Younis says that Jamal lives far away. Jamal tells him it will come from your house. Imran says that ALtaf will take care of all

the things. Jamal says that he must thank God that he is blessed to have him. Imran says ALtaf is his everything.
Nasima says to Bilquees that Jamal crosses his limits sometimes. Younis asks Jamal to leave now. Younis scold everyone to stand on the balcony.
Saba was worried about the texts.
Najma tells Fizza and Waqar in secretive way she went to hospital to meet Imran. Saba comes running, she tells them she came running. Nasima and Younis come there, she said that why he went to go to leave Imran. Younis says that Jamal went to hospital to meet Imran. Saba asks what was wrong in going to hospital. Waqar says what the problem in helping a sick man is. Fizza asks why they hate Imran. Younis says he is drunk. Najma asks is helping a wrong man haraam too, if he is sick. Nasima scolds Najma to misbehave. The children defend Imran. Waqar asks why is Abbu tensed. Nasima blames Najma, but the children deny it. Younis says that they are too young to understand this all, they won’t meet Imran. He tells Najma to go to her room.
ALtaf changes Imran’s bandage and tells him to sleep. Imran smiles, he says he is missing Najma. She has a great passion, she came to meet him to hospital. She does whatever she wants. ALtaf says she loves him a lot too, she wanted to go to meet him there. She couldn’t, so wrote a letter. Imran says he felt his Mehak wrote a letter.
Mariam scolds Najma for arguing them. She heads to see how is Imran. Imran and ALtaf argued as Altaf put on medicine to Imran’s back. Najma calls Mariam, Imran shouted that he is in pain. He shouts at Najma to leave. Najma says she is in her own house. Mariam asks her to say that he is such a coward. Imran shouts at Altaf to close the window. Mariam and Najma laugh, Mariam tells her that he is just like her father. Imran asks why are they laughing, he asks ALtaf to open the window and see. Imran shouts why are they laughing, ALtaf laughs with them too.
Jamal comes home. He tells Amma that a man can live even if he has his two kidneys wasted, by transplanted. He tells Amma and Bilquees that a single kidney sells in lacs. Jamal asks are they staring at him or his kidney.
Naeema tells Saba they are going on movie date. Saba fears what if the man sends their photo again. Saba says she must think what to tell ammi. She turns to find Mariam there. Saba tells the truth to her.

PRECAP: Imran says his drinking destroyed Najma’s dreams.

Update Credit to: Sona

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