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Younis scolds Nasima about Naeema. They notice Jamal and Najma coming down excitedly. Younis asks where Najma is going, Nasima says that school timing is over and she is fine now. Younis says that Waqar steals schools, Najma doesn’t. Jamal says he is taking Najma to meet Ammi. Nasima’s mother comes there. Younis takes a leave, but the mother says she wants to talk to him. Jamal makes Younis sit, and makes him sit with his saas. The saas asks Younis about the marriage issues of Naeema and Shabbir. Aba leaves from the door, watching Nasima’s mother. Younis asks her to bring a paper, to note it all down and records in mobile, the list she dictates. Mariam brings the tea, but as saas opens the eyes Younis isn’t there.
Jamal brings Najma to Imran’s room, Najma enters but he wasn’t

there. She comes out disappointed.
Abba comes home, Rehmat asks where he was. Abba says now she will question him. Rehmat bibi goes angry. Mariam says to him, he must come at the time of meal. He tells her he left watching Younis’s saas. Rehmat says it was good, he went away. Aba asks for Najma, Mariam says she isn’t home. She tells Aba she went to meet Imran. Mariam tells him, she was insisting so much so she sent her hospital with Jamal. Aba says it is good she didn’t tell anyone, and tells that he is better as he went to hospital. Abba tells that Younis shouldn’t know about it, though it doesn’t matter.
In the hospital, Jamal looks for Imran. Jamal enters the room, to find Imran wasn’t there. He thinks where Najma has been. The male nurses bring stretcher, and asks Jamal to lie on it. He sits on the stretcher, they take him to OT, and tells him they have to take his kidney out. The nurse asks is he Jamal Qureishi, Jamal denies and runs.
Waqar comes asking for Najma, FIzza and he says she has gone to Jamal. Nasima cries talking to mother on phone. Younis comes there with cat’s feet, he asks is she still at home. He thanks Nasima is on phone. Nasima was crying, and complains. Waqar hears excitingly, Nasima complains about hurting her. Younis asks what is wrong at home, Mariam also asks Nasima to bring Abba jan in between. Nasima says he went to meet Imran, the children stare.
Bilquees arrives home, and denies that Najma didn’t come to their home. Younis asks Mariam where did Najma go. Mariam says that Jamal said, he is taking her home. They must have stayed in the way, to eat something. Younis asks Bilquees to call and ask where they are.
Najma calls Imran in corridor and runs behind him. He is taken in the room, Imran was on wheel chair. ALtaf asks what is Najma doing here. Najma cries, that he didn’t listen to her call and is still angry. She asks did he forgive her. Imran asks how he came here, Najma asks him show his bruise. The doctor asks who is the kid, Najma says he didn’t make him well. Najma says she daily looks forward for him, the doctor assures he has been discharged. The doctor asks is she his daughter. Najma says they are neighbours.
Bilquees talks to Rashid that amma was alone at home. Younis and everyone is worried. Nasima asks why Mariam isn’t worried about it. Bilquees says is it that she doesn’t want to tell them. Jamal comes there with Najma, Bilquees asks where were they. Bilquees asks Najma where she was. Younis asks Najma where she went.

PRECAP: Younis says why is everyone so soft to Imran, Saba and Fizza also qualifies him. Younis says he is a drunken man. Najma asks is taking care of an ill is also forbidden.

Update Credit to: Sona

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