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Najma calls Altaf, and excitedly asks did he read her letter and did he replied to it. ALtaf says he is much fine, and has replied to her letter as well. Najma reads the reply. Imran was happy that she considers him innocent, children are like angels so she is forgiven. He will come back soon. Najma goes to show the letter to Waqar and Fizza. Altaf blesses Najma, Mariam says she is her life. Altaf says for Imran her life is also his Mehak.
Imran asks the doctor and insists he wants to go back home. The doctor says if the senior doctor observes him, he may go home. He should just take care of not taking up a burden. Altaf asks who is going to wait for him. Imran says Najma is. ALtaf tells him about Aba jan, Najma, Jamal and Mariam. Everyone is praying for him, except Younis. Imran reads

Najma’s letter, and says this is why he has to go home.
Naeema asks Shabbir to call and check who it is. Saba was with them, no one picks Shabbir’s call. Saba was worried. Shabbir gets his mother’s call, Naeema and Saba reads the text message that he is her well wisher. Naeema calls him, but he hushes her up and denies to his ammi that he is with Naeema. They argue, but Saba asks them to solve her problem first.
Najma reads Imran’s letter again, at night. Mariam asks her to sleep her, Najma always stammers at Nak-chiri. She says to Mariam, that she will fight with her. Mariam asks her to let him come home first. She goes to get water, and watches Saba worried on terrace. Saba says who can it be, and turns to see Mariam there. Mariam asks why is she worried. Saba says she was sleepless. Mariam asks is someone worrying her. She denies and says she is sleepy now.
Saba was lost, Naeema asks her to be quick. Saba says she doesn’t want to go to college. She tells Naeema that she is afraid, what if someone know about it. Choti ami found her worried last night. They turn to see Younis and Nasima approaching. Younis asks them what is this, he forbid Naeema to meet Shabbir. Naeema denies, but Nasima says Shabbir’s mother is angry. Naeema says she can take and oath about it, Younis shows her a photo of them together. Younis says someone sent him the photo. Nasima asks what is this. Naeema says that they went to drink cold coffee, he came there accidently. He didn’t recognize her, but Saba. Younis says that Shabbir’s mother is someone from old school of thought, what if she breaks the proposal. Naeema takes a leave, and they leave. Younis tells Nasima to take care of Saba.
Mariam asks Najma to take the medicine. Najma says she is fine now, she won’t have it. Rehmat bibi comes and says that she doesn’t like Saba but Nasima doesn’t care for her. Rehmat bibi holds Najma’s hands, and asks Mariam to give it to her. They struggle; Mariam says Imran has to take bitter medicines than her. Najma says she can take an even bitter medicine and drinks it. Rehmat and Mariam smile.
The girls suspect each guy, passing the rehearsal hall. The teacher announces that they have got a big sponsor. Saba runs to them all, and asks did they see anyone. Saba feels afraid, but they all tell her to concentrate on her own work.
Jamal come to say salaam to Mariam. Rehmat asks will he take tea. Jamal says who can deny such a tasty tea, Rehmat goes murmuring. Jamal comes to Najma, Mariam says she isn’t fine. Najma tells him she is tensed for Imran. Jamal says he went to meet him in hospital, he is fine. Najma gets excited, Jamal asks does she want to go. Najma says ammi can’t go to see him hospital, as the society doesn’t allow it. Jamal agrees. Najma asks who is society. Jamal says his abba says that the society is a wild animal who lives freely out of the cage, and the man lives encaged. Najma inisists on Jamal to take her to hospital, Mariam allows her to go.

PRECAP: Younis asks Mariam where Najma is. Mariam is unable to answer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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