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Younis takes the mobile, and says hello. Altaf disconnects the call, and thinks why was Younis calling him. Nasima comes there, Mariam was about to leave but Younis stops her and tells her to get her samples ready as his client is about to come back. Altaf calls again to confirm it was younis. Altaf thinks it might b Mariam, and Younis must have come in between. Mariam says what Abba ji will come back, he will attend it himself. He gives Mariam the phone back.
Najma comes back home, and says the school was bad today. Her concentrations were on Imran today. Najma says she can’t go to hospital, she thought about taking Waqar and Fizza but Waqar forbid. Mariam says she can’t go to hospital like this. She says she has an idea, she must write a letter and make a get well soon card. She

will give it to Altaf. Waqar and Fizza come and say they will all make cards for him. Mariam says she will help them all. The children shouted and asked Mariam to see her cards. Nasima comes there, the children scold Mariam if she is also making the card. Mariam stops her. Najma says what the problem in making the cards is, takes card from Fizza and tears them apart. Aba ji comes there, he says to Nasima that he heard mothers teach the children the lessons of humanity, she is snatching her children’s innocence. Nasima calls him drunken, but Aba ji says it was not him being drunk, but someone who is fighting his life in hospital. Nasima says what if Saba’s father know about it. Aba ji says he isn’t any God, these he also knows him as he is his son. Nasima says he doesn’t like his house members meeting him, and takes her children together. Aba ji asks Najma about her card, Najma cheers while Mariam collects the paper scrapes. Najma reads her letter to dada jan. Aba jan hugs Najma, and tells Mariam that relations are made by these small fights.
Jamal brings vegetables home. Bilquees asks what was the need to bring so many vegetables. Jamal tells them he didn’t spend a single penny, collected each vegetable from the trolley which dropped it in every jerk. Amma says she doesn’t need any vegetable, she wants to eat meat. Jamal breaks that at times his father was alive, he and abba used to go out and eat chicken. Amma was annoyed.
Najma cheers watching Altaf. He tells Najma Imran is fine now, they are giving him juice now. Najma asks him to give a letter to Imran. Mariam tells him that Najma wrote a letter as they can’t go to hospital. ALtaf says Imran will like it, and will let go of his anger. Najma says she wants to say sorry to him. Altaf says he will be back in a few says. Najma says she wants the reply too. Mariam is about to throw the letter when Nasima calls her. Najma goes to handle her, while Mariam gives him the letter telling him they want Imran alright and believe he is innocent. Altaf says he now has the reason to get well again.
Saba and her friend discuss who would know about her needs of high heels. Salma says it must be some college guy, and must like it. Saba feels excited, Salma teases her. Saba asks shall she throw them. Salma says they are really expensive stilettos. Saba gets a message, that she must wear the stilettos and win the beauty contest for him. She fears he has her number too, and hides her.
Najma waits for ALtaf, her letter’s reply didn’t come and she is getting late for school. Najma says she is so tensed that had he forgiven her or not. Mariam assures that he must have forgiven everything, and will reply her letter as well. They hear the neighbor asking about Imran. Najma comes to window, but Mariam says Shabnam aunty is there. Najma says Shabnam aunty is a walking breaking news.

PRECAP: Imran will want to come to home to meet Najma, as soon as he will get the letter. But will Younis let this relation of humanity move a step forward.

Update Credit to: Sona

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