Tum Saath Ho Jab 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Altaf cries watching Imran. He remembers Imran wanted to live, and all his good times. Najma prays for him in namaz. Mariam watches her, and smiles thinking her prayers get fulfilled.
Saba practices for cat walk. She tells FIzza and Waqar about it, and showed them. Her foot twists, Waqar asks it was better when she did it before. Younis come to the door. Saba tells him that walking like this, body weight doesn’t increase. Younis says she doesn’t need it, Waqar does.
Nasima tells Younis Abba jan went to Imran. Younis goes away angry. Nasima cares and rubs Waqar’s foot. Saba asks for high heels. Saba complains that she differentiate between Waqar and girls. Nasima leaves annoyed.
Amma says to Bilquees she is watching the artificial teeth by doctors. Bilquees says she is

too old to die.Jamal comes home, Bilquees brings money and asks for his bag. He is reluctant. They snatch the bag, a blue magazine fell off it. Bilquees cries, while Amma scolds him to go out. Jamal says he bought it to hide the money. Bilquees took it.
Mariam asks for Imran’s mercy, as she again finds Najma praying. She says to Najma that Imran will be fine, as Allah listens to prayers of children. Najma says she wants to go to hospital to meet him, and asks her to go too. Mariam says she can’t go. Najma says it is about humanity. Mariam says it is about society, she isn’t only Mariam, but her mother and a daughter in law; the rules say that they must not help any unknown else society will curse it. Najma asks what kind of society is this.
Saba and friends cheer. A parcel come for Saba. She opens it, it was from Shabbir. It were high heels, with which she cat walks. Naeema comes there too, and takes her to mall. She shows her the stillhouttes, Naeema says Shabbir didn’t send these, he is wating for her in mall.
Fizza gives Waqar lunch, while Najma was lost. She says she wanted to meet him, and mother didn’t permit. Waqar abides by Najma’s mama’s philosophy. Fizza says to Najma that she can go. They say they will go to meet Imran, Fizza says what will they say to Abba. Najma says they will say auto was out of order. Waqar says abba will call Paltan chacha, he says no to the plan. They requests, he agrees.
Altaf cries in the hospital. Jamal comes to him, and says he came straight as soon as he knew. ALtaf says he will just be conscious, Jamal says he will give blood to him. Altaf asks to pray. He heads to say a shair, Altaf asks not to but he insists.
Mariam watches medicines of Aba jan. Rehmat come and says he must have thrown it away. Rehmat finds a paper in his clothes, with ALtaf’s name. Mariam thinks about calling him, then thinks it must be wrong. She dials the number, Younis comes so she disconnects. He asks was she calling someone. ALtaf thinks who is it, and dials the number. Mariam disconnects, Younis asks why she disconnected. The phone rings again, Younis asks to talk to him.

PRECAP: Waqar tells Nasima they are making cards for Imran, and tears them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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