Tum Saath Ho Jab 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Saath Ho Jab 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam sees Altaf on window and calls him. He was angry, and asks what happened to Najma, she crossed her limits. Imran is saddened. Mariam says she still is in shock, and asks for apology. Mariam says Imran is making enemy with the neighbourhood. Altaf says he accepts it. Mariam says the neighbours disliked it, he must try Imran must not fight with anyone, they must accept the reality of time and avoid situations that will cause them problem. Altaf says he will look after it, and liked to know someone cares for him too. He asks Mariam to keep Najma a bit far away.
The kids view as tennis court gets wound-up. Najma was worried, and cries, remembering all her practices with Imran. She says why you did it to her, she won’t forgive him ever.
Altaf comes to Imran, and says they must

go to do boating. Imran was drinking, and says there was a wine bottle in his bag, and he became drunken. His religion believes on Allah, who is unseen. The world only believes on seen things. Altaf says they must go to Bushra Khala, she called that she hasn’t seen him. He used to take money from her. Imran pours more drink for himself. Altaf takes it from him, but Imran says he is drunken man. ALtaf says he had left drinking, well. Imran asks what changed by it, nothing. Nothing will happen, and thinks he must do something.
In school, Fizza comes to Najma who asks did she got punished again. They hear the sound of bottles and goes to follow it. They hear the sounds of peon, and guard. The peon offered him wine, and talked that the sports teacher got suspended. The peon says he warned him to get him suspended, so he mixed wine in his water and put the bottle in his bag; he got suspended. Najma hears all what peon told and laughed. They go to tell the principle about it. They both come running, and tells him that Imran sir didn’t drink wine, he got trapped. They tell him about the peon, but the principle says he knows Imran is their neighbor but they must not tell a lie. He knows Imran is used to drinking, Najma asks him to come to backyard with her, but priniciple isn’t ready to listen and asks them to leave.
The peon was going on the rickshaw, Imran gets him on the bike. He pulls him out of rickshaw, the peon pushes him and runs away. Imran runs after him, and is successful in getting him. He beats him.
Abba jan finds Mariam lost. She denies being worried. He says she shouldn’t heed about Younis and Nasima’s sayings. Mariam says she was thinking about Imran, whatever happened was wrong. Abba jan says his heart doesn’t accept it, but all proofs are against him. He prays he gets justice soon. Mariam was leaving. Abba jan says he is going through some pain, people call him killer of her daughter. Mariam says he is accused, he is the one killed. Abba jan asks how she knows this all. Mariam says he says himself, that the truth enlightens a person’s face.
Imrans sits with the peon, and makes him drink with him. The peon says he must forget what happened. Imran says he has forgiven him. The peon takes the drink, and accepts his mistake. Imran asks him how he did it. He tells him he put the bottle in his bag, and poured half of wine in his slush as well. Imran says that how he is caught. He is now trapped, as he recorded the truth. The peon asks him apology. Imran says his respect was important than his job.
Imran takes the peon, he injures him with the blade and hits his face with the bag. He takes the mobile from his pocket, deletes the recording and runs away. Imran lies on the road, fainted.

PRECAP: Altaf gets worried after listening to the call, and asks which hospital. He was worried. Najma stood beside him asks what happened. Mariam was worried too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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