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Imran comes to terrace with Altaf. He shouts to the neighbours and Younis, and reads the news about his disrespect. The children worried what has happened to him. Younis was about to leave, Imran asks him to finish the news. Altaf stops him. Imran says they all like the idea, he must let him finish. He reads the full news, then tears the paper and asks them all to paste the papers in their houses. Altaf takes Imran inside, while they all stood there. The neighbours talked about him. Abba ji stood behind Younis, he says he must be really happy making someone disrespectful, he earned so much good. Younis says that the man made such a drama of himself. Aba ji says they were made the drama, in the eyes of Allah. They left Imran of nowhere. Imran will pay for his sins, but he is also sinful.

asked Imran why is he making a drama of himself. Does he think about proving himself innocent, they will think he is the wrong one. Imran says nothing is left, to understand.
Bilquees fights with Amma, cant she talk to her family. Jamil complains that she cooked the paratha with one hand. Bilquees tells them about Imran, a drunken. Jamil says he had helped Mariam, but no one can suggest about a man. Amma says he is so right, what they thought of Bilquees and what she came out to be.
Najma thinks about Imran, Mariam says she will get later from school. Imran watches her leaving through the window. Najma asks if any drama is left. Mariam takes Najma, but Najma says he shouted in the neighbourhood. Altaf says she doesn’t know the truth. Najma says they all found wine in his juice, and the bottle in his bag. She says they all called him drunken, but she denied them. Now they will keep distant. Najma says she lost her tennis matches in what he did, she won’t also spare him if he talks to her baray abu like this again. Mariam takes her away.

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Imran was lost, he tells mamu that what happened in his life. His Mehak also thinks him drunken. He had again started living for her. Mamu gets him now. Imran takes wine, and heads to drink.
Saba discussed to friends, she wants to back out. Her friends say that her abbu won’t know about the participation, they will call her abbu to apologize. Saba says they cant tell her khalu again and again. Her friends offer their dresses to her. Naeema calls her, and says that she has arranged for her dress. Shabbir says it isn’t a problem, he will get her another dress.
The neighbours come to complain about Imran. They say they must take strict actions against Imran. The ladies hear this. Naeema asks Mariam to call Saleem, and ask him go out of the neighbourhood. Aba says they must consider Imran innocent, when the trial isn’t complete. They asks is he in senses, Younis warns them to behave. They suggest they must boycott Imran. They leave, angrily.

PRECAP: Najma hears the peon, telling the other about the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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