Tum Saath Ho Jab 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Mariam hears Imran, telling about his past. He went to give his life for his sister, he was let alone. Zeenat took a divorce from him, why everything bad always happen to him. Mamu takes him to bed saying they will talk about it tomorrow.
Naeema and Saba talks on phone, Naeema hands on saying Shabbir are calling her. Saba watches the dress in mirror, and says she will look Aliya Bhatt in this. She imagines herself in the dress. Younis and Nasima come there and asks her to go to study. Saba was hiding the dress behind her; she throws the dress behind on floor. He comes to see his hair in the mirror, and asks her to put on hair dye on his aswell. Nasima denies using any such thing, but he asks him to accept it that she is growing old. He asks Saba why hasn’t she left, she says she is thinking

about Imran. He looks at the dress, holds it. Nasima asks did Saba bring it home, she wears such dresses. Saba says she didn’t wear this, but her friend gifted her. Younis scolds why she accepted it. Saba says it was wrapped, Nasima tells her to return it to her. Younis says it isn’t needed, her friend has given it with love. Saba gets happy. Nasima asks what she will do with the dress. Younis takes it and cuts it with the scissors into pieces. He hands it to Saba, and says she must tell her friend never to gift such thing.
Mariam caresses Najma and thinks about Imran. She comes to window, calls Altaf and asks about Imran. Altaf comes and asks who Imran, who cares for her Najma, and finding his smiles in Najma. It was an illusion, the real is what her society has known now. Mariam says she wanted to ask about his condition. ALtaf says he is drunk, looking like a dead body. He has been killed for ages, people just don’t let him dig. Mariam says she understands his pain, Altaf says she hates him as others do. Mariam says whatever happened at school, everyone will be… ALtaf says he asks Allah why his child is punished everytime, and cries. Mariam says she doesn’t know what children saw, but she heard his pain and truth. She believes he is innocent. Altaf says they had lost each other’s trust on them both. They had thought of living peacefully, in this city. His life’s biggest hope was the job, how will he fight now. Mariam says Allah never gives as much pain, as the man can’t bear. She asks him to take control of himself.
Fizza asks Najma to participate next time, they won’t tell ammi and abba about it. Waqar comes with the newspaper, they all see Imran’s photo and reads the news about his drinking. Younis comes and reads it.
Mariam says everyone will know about it now. Younis says they will now get the true respect.
Younis comes to the window, and tells Imran about the newspaper and asks them to read it. There the whole neighbourhood reads the news about Imran.
He teases him, Altaf asks Imran to come out. He must not listen to anyone.

PRECAP: Imran reads his news himself, and declares it is him. He was distressed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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