Tum Pas Hoke Bhi Apne Nahi (SS Part 21)Some things are meant to be broken

Heyyy guys…. Well I’m sorry for the delay… Actually I was at my sister’s place since 5 days and I wasn’t getting any time to update.. Really sorry guys… So, without any further delay.. Let’s get started with the update….
And thanks a lottt for showering your love on me guys… Love you all ? ??????
Recap:-Shivika coming closer (Leave a hand to hold another)
Naira’s POV
What I saw in front of me was nothing new… Anika and Shivay were always close to each other.. It’s just that they refuse to notice it themself… There was a spark, a charm in them which always ignited when they came closer… I knew this was it… They need to stop this class mates and friends drama… They need to realise that they love each other before its too late… I made my mind to work on this mission but Ouchhh… Something did hurt… Ohh I see.. It was my heart… I knew this was coming… At last that poor thing was going to get hurt… But that I can’t change this decision… Something are meant to be broken… And our relation was one of those things…
It was difficult… But my love for them was much more than my own selfish love…

Scene 1(Next day)
Everyone was busy getting ready for the prom night… Students were seen rushing from one place to another… But three souls were busy in their own little bubble…
Anika was seen lost in her own world and smiling to some thought..
Shivay looked a little tensed as if he wasn’t able to lie to himself this time…
And Naira had made up her mind that she won’t participate in the prom rather she would host the prom… She needed to stay away from Shivay to make him realize his love for Anika… Because if she stayed near him, he would be reminded that he is engaged… And he would start his responsibility rant yet again…. And she won’t let her besties suffer…
A/N:-I know guys it’s a short update but what to do… I’m really busy this week.. But I’ll try to give short updates… This update would mark the start of realization of love and Naira’s heart break… And I guess this SS will end within 10 parts… Not more than that… Till the take care guys… Love you ?????

She looked determined,
Yet her eyes were wet…
She had a pretty smile on her lips,
But her heart burned in despair….

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