Tum Pas Hoke Bhi Apne Nahi (SS Part 17) Do read the end note

Whoooa…. Really sorry guys…. I’m extremely sorry for this super-duper,mega and ultra late update… Actually I was really confused about the storyline and whether you guys really wanted to read it… And then I had some serious writers block… I know it sound really serious kind… What exactly is that it’s a situation when you aren’t able to write even a simple line… So,kindly forgive me guys… I’ll really try to be regular.. N give regular medium length updates… I’m really sorry guys.. I know you all must pissed off but maaf krdo… Sorry… ??
And now… without wasting any more time.. let’s get started with the update..
Recap:-Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi(Shivika ki??)
Scene1(Same time….. Same jagah??? lol… Kisi ne ye gana suna h??)
Shivay:-Hum dono kya karenge aise game m????(What will we do in this game??)
Anika:-Yeh mujhe kaise pata hoga….(Now how will I know that) Aaahhhhaaaaaaaa….??????
Shivay:-wait a minute… Ye Naira kaha gayab h,usse toh yeh sab pta hoga na…. She is the leader yr…. Usse sab pta tha….Tabhi Wo gayab h.. (Where’s Naina?? She must be knowing all this… She is the leader.. She knew everything… That’s why she is missing)
Anika:-waise tumne pehli baar koi sahi baat ki h… Saabash….!!!(while patting his back)(By the way it’s the first time you are saying something true… Proud of you!!!)
Shivay:-Thank you… Thank you……. Ek min… Kya mtlb pehli baar…???huh …(One minute… What do u mean by first time??Huh…)
Anika:-Arre woh sab chodo… Socho ki yeh game ka kya krna h…(Leave all that and think that what will we do about this game??)
Shivay:-Hmm….. point h…(Hmm… Point)
(After further enquiries…. Shivika ko pta chala that.. there’s no point of cribbing… Wo dono ab quit nh kar skte…. Toh unki halat p ek sher arz h…. Whatttt the hell guys… Irshad bolo… Bolo… Bolo…(comment section bolna na… Bada maza ayega)”Khela bhi nh jaata,quit kiya bhi nh jaata…. Inhein unse kuch kehna h… Bataya bhi nh jaata….”
Scene 2(Time to be the chaiwala?☕☕)
Announcement:-So guys, I hope all the participants are present here.. cuz the competition is going to start in 5 mins… N if u have any confusion regarding the game ,u can consult your respective class leaders…. Thank you…
Shivay:-kahe ka thank you or Kahe ki leader… Gayab prani… Subah se Nh dikhi.. ???(What thank you n what leader… She is a vanished lady… Haven’t seen her since morning (
Anika:-O bete ki…!!! Billuji Aap ki language ko kya hua??? ??(OMG… What happened to your language Billuji???)
Shivay:-Usko bukhar hua… Ab Chalo.. Chai -Chai khelte h… ?☕(It is down with fever…. Let’s go n play Tea-Tea…)
(At the starting point)
Announcement :-So are u guys ready???
Players:-Yess Sir….
Shivika:-Ha Ha… Kyu nh… ??????(Yeah Yeah.. Why not??)
N like a typical stereotype game.. Ye game bhi start ho gaya Jaha.. Heroine ki jagah hero bhav khane laga.. (Ab hero Shivay hoga toh Sari 3 guna lagaan wali harkatte Wahi karega na.. (Kisiko joke samajh m na aya ho Toh do contact me??)

Scene 3(kuch samay baad) (After few moments)
Anika:-(in a pissed of tone) Shivay Aap ye kya kar rahe h???(Shivay what are u doing??)
Shivay :-tumhe dikhayi nh de raha… Patte tod raha hu… (Can’t you see?? I’m plucking the leaves..)
Anika:-Wahh… Sach mein… ?? Wo mujhe bhi Dikh raha ki Aap patte tod rahe h.. Par Aap aise kyu tod rahe h.. (Woooooooooowwwwwwww… Really… Even I can see that you are plucking leaves… Bt why are you plucking like this??)
Shivay:-What do you mean by ‘Aise Kyu tod rahe h’?? (What do you mean by why I’m plucking like this??)
Anika:- I mean ki Aap Aise phool kumari ki Tarah kaam krte rahe na Toh bhar gaya yr basket is janam m???(I mean that if u keep on working like a Flower Kumari then this work won’t be finished in a lifetime)
Shivay:-O really… As if Tum bht fast kaam krti ho.. (As if you work really fast?? )
Annika:-Apse Toh 100 guna tez…(Yeah… 100 times faster)
Shivay:-Huh.. Watch me now…
Anika:- O Mr. Tadibaaz… Sambhal K Jao.. At least board Toh padh lo… (Watch out… At least read the sign board)
Shivay:-Shut up!! Panikaaaaaaaaaaaaa(in a trembling voice)
A/N:-Once again I’m really sorry guys.. I know my sorry isn’t enough.. But I’ll try to improve myself… Really sorry guys… Luv u all???
N here’s a special thank you note for my mentor,my idol,my lovely didu… She is the one who always supported me… Motivated me.. And was there by my side… She was the one who believed in me when even I didn’t… Iss story ka complete credit goes to my didu… My Kuhu di… I love you didu… You are the best sister in this world…. ??????????????????????????????

Precap:-Aakhir Kyu dara Billu??? (Why is Billu scared?? Or kya likha tha uss gumnam board p???(And what is written on that lonely sign board)
Janne K liye do read the next part…..

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