Tum mile2 Arshi,SRK-Kajol SS Part 4


Tum mile Season2 Part 4

Rahul:I don’t know what happened to her.All I know is she left me all of a sudden.
Khushi:What nonsense!She just left you without giving any reason.That means that girl broke your heart dumping you and you are wasting your life thinking of someone who never loved you.
Rahul:May be she did’nt love me romantically.But she loved me as as her best friend.But i loved her in every way.

Khushi got confused:What?She was your best friend?
R:Yes.We were best friends in college.But unknowingly my friendship turned into love.Before opening my heart to her she left the college.I really miss her.
Khushi was shocked.She thought:Hey devi Maiyya!Is Bhaiyya talking about Anjali di?
K:What’s her name bhaiyya?
Rahul wiped his tears.

Khushi could’nt believe it:The girl you loved is Anjali?
Khushi was excited and rang up Arnav.
K:Arnav,I want to meet you.
Arn:Just now only we met Khushi.
K:Yes.But we need to meet again.It’s urgent.If you hear what I am going to say you will jump with happiness.
Arn:What the!

Arnav-Khushi met.
K;Arnav…Bhaiyya told me everything about the girl he loves.And you will be excited to know about her.

Arn:Excitement to know about her?Are you mad?Who cares about her because of whom my di is still in pain?
Khushi smiled:Hey..Laad Governor..listen to the full matter.The act is that the lady bhaiyya loves is none other than Anjali di.Surprised.Right?
Arnav was shocked:What?

Arn:No..it’s not possible.It’s Tina.What are you saying Khushi?Are you out of senses?
K:No,it’s Anjali di.Bhaiyya himself told me that he loves his best friend Anjali.
Arn:No Khushi.I won’t believe this.Di had seen Rahul Bhaiyya confessing his love to Tina.
K:I think there is some misunderstanding which separated them.
K:Yes..I really feel so.
K:Look Arnav.We need to have patience to reach the truth.I think we should arrange their meeting.It may clear all confusions.
Arn:Ok Khushi.We will try it.
Khushi smiled.

Arnav went near Rahul:Sorry Rahul bhaiyya if I hurt you by asking your personal matter.
Rahul:No,you have not hurt me.But i will interfere in your personal matter as it’s related to my dearest sister.
Arnav smiled:Yes..sue bhaiyya..you can.

Arnav lied:Actually bhaiyya..the real problem is that my sister has not really approved of our relation.I hid this problem from you all to avoid tensions.
Rahul was shocked:What?But why?What is my sister lacking?

Khushi is perfect.
Arn:I don’t know why.If you could..please talk to my sister about this alliance.It may solve our problem.
R:Ok..I will do that for my Khushi.I am coming to your house to meet your sister.
Arnav-Khushi smiled at each other.They moved to the next room.
K:Now you watch Arnav.Bhaiyya and Di will see each other and something something will happen.I am really confident.

Arnav smiled:I hope so.

Anjali went near Arnav:Chotte…because of me your marriage should not delay.I am ready to get married.
Arnav looked at her painfully.
Arn:Di..for me you are willing to sacrifice your love for Rahul?
Anjali was shocked:Chotte…how did you know this?
Arn:I am your brother.Somehow your pain will reach me.Right?
Anjali burst into tears.

Arnav held her hand painfully:No di.You don’t need to sacrifice anything for me.
Anjali’s tears rolled down her cheeks.She cupped his face in her hands:Chotte…promise me that you will not give more pain to Khushi by delaying the marriage.I can understand her pain as I am going through it in my life.
Arnav wept:Yes di.And I promise that I will erase all your pain from your life.

Anjali wept:Chotte…
Arnav hugged Anjali and they both wept.

A car reached Raizada compound.
Khushi came out of the car.Anjali was surprised:Khushi!
Khushi went near her and held her hand.
Anj:How are you Khushi?
K:I am fine di.How are you di?
Anj:Me too fine.
Arnav came happily:Hi Khushi.
K:Hi Arnav…Actually my brother wants to talk to Anjali di about our relation…i mean our wedding..He is in the car.
Anjali became dull.She thought:Is it to talk about Chotte delaying the marriage?Oh no..
Anj:Oh..Tell your brother to come inside.
Arnav-Khushi went out to call Rahul inside.Rahul came inside.Anjali was sitting there.He could see only her back.
Rahul stammed:See…I mean..I don’t know why you are oppposing Arnav-Khushi’s relation.They love each other a lot and are perfect for each other.So please don’t be against them and give them the consent to get married.
Anjali turned back and looked at him.Rahul-Anjali were stunned to see each other.
Their lips shivered.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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