Tum mile2 Arshi,SRK-Kajol SS Part 3


Tum mile Season2 Part 3
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Khushi’s brother Rahul came out.
Khushi:Rahul bhaiyya..
Rahul saw Arnav.
Arnav put a plastic smile on his face:Hi Rahul bhaiyya..

Rahul:Oh..Arnav is here.That’s why I could smell romance in the air instead of the smell of curry dishes from the kitchen.
Arnav-Khushi were shy.
R:Romancing is good.But only romance is not good.Life has to move on.For that you better take serious decision.
Arn:You mean marriage?
R:Yes.You got it.Why are you delaying yours and Khushi’s marriage?
Arn:Why are you delaying marriage?Why are you not getting married?

Rahul was stunned by his question.
Khushi thought:Oh no.What is this Arnav asking bhaiyya?He is testing bhaiyya’s patience.
R:Nice question.You threw at the arrow at the right place.I lost my love.That’s why I remain single.If I get her I will not wait even for a moment to get married.Hope you got your answer.

Arnav was silent.
With a smile Rahul walked off.
Arn:What happened to the girl your bhaiyya loved?
K:I don’t know.Bhaiyya has not told me anything.
Arn:It’s for that girl that your bhaiyya closed his eyes to my di’s loe.
Arnav’s eyes were full of tears.Khushi became sad.

Flash back..

Arnav read what Anjali had written in her diary.
“Rahul..my best friend…I don’t know how and when I started loving you.I have written a letter for you Rahul.It’s my confession of love.Tomorrow I will hand it over to you”.

Arnav found Anjali’s letter in the diary.
“I love you Rahul”.
He continued reading it.
“I went to the classroom to hand over the letter to Rahul.There I was shocked to see Rahul giving a rose to Tina and saying ‘I love you.Do you love me?’

Tina smiled and said,”Yes Rahul.I love you too”.

I broke down into tears.

My Rahul does’nt love me.He loves Tina.
So I should not come between them.So I did’nt give the letter to Rahul.”

After 2 days…

“I was on leave for 2 days as I could’nt get the strength to see Rahul and Tina together.Rahul is keeping on calling me to enquire what happened to me.I did’nt reply to him.I have decided to leave college and this place to be away from Rahul-Tina’s paradise”.

The next day…

“I got into the train to go back to Delhi.Unexpectedly Rahul came there with Tina knowing about me going away.He was very sad.He told me,”Anjali,you are my best friend.In fact you will be only best friend.How can you go leaving me alone?”
I could’nt control my tears.I told him,”I am sorry Rahul.I have to leave.

Rahul asked me,”But suddenly why did you take this decision Anjali?”
Tina also asked me,”Is there any problem Anjali?”
How can I tell her that it’s because of her closeness with Rahul that I am leaving?
Before I could give any excuse the train moved.
I bid good bye to Rahul tearfully.

I could see Rahul’s eyes becoming wet while going away from the train silently.

He turned back and looked at me.His lips shivered while saying ‘bye’ to me”.

Arnav thought with a shock:Anjali di lied to us that she stopped studies due to unnecessary ragging in college.She left college because of heart break”.
Arnav took the last page of the diary.He was shocked to see Anjali and Rahul’s photo stuck there.

Arnav thought:It means Rahul is none other than Khushi’ Rahul bhaiyya…Mr.Rahul Gupta.Damn it!


Khushi went near Rahul.Rahul was upset.
Khushi thought:Guess bhaiyya is upset thinking of Arnav’s question.Arnav made him remember his past.
Rahul faked smile:Yes Khushi..
K:Bhaiyya…still you have not got over your past.Right?
R:Yes.You are right.I can’t pretend that I have moved on.
K:Till now you have not answered my question.But today I want an answer from you.If you love her so much why are you away from her?

R:Because destiny separated us.

K:Destiny?What happened to her?
Khushi said in her mind:Today I will get to know what happened to Tinaji.If Tinaji does’nt exist in this world I will definitely try to replace her with Anjali di in bhaiyya’s heart.He truly deserves someone devoting like Anjali di.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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