Tum mile2 Arshi,SRK-Kajol SS Part 2

Tum mile Season2 Part 2
Arnav kept the diary back in the cupboard and came out.He could see Anjali standing before him facing the opposite side because of which she did’nt see him.

She turned back and looked at him with a smile.

Arnav:How was the temple visit?
Anj:As usual i got peace from the temple.I already gave prasad to Nani.You also take prasad chotte.
She gave him prasad.
Arn:Di..what did you pray?
Anjali smiled.
Arn:Did you pray for any special person?

Anjali became dull.
She said in her mind:Yes,I prayed for a special person.
Anj:Which special person Chotte?Chotte…something is wrong with your brain.
Arn:I was just kidding di.
Anj:These days you really a prankster.I prayed for your wedding to happen soon.
Arn:Even God can’t make it happen unless you agree.
Anj:What?I have already given the consent long ago.Right?
Arn:But I told Khushi that I will marry her only if you get married.
Anjali was stunned:Chotte,don’t keep unnecessary demands.
Arn:Di,it’s my decision and it’s final.
Anjali became more upset.
Arnav left.

Anjali was sitting and thinking of Arnav’s decision.Devayani came near her:
Anj:Nani…you heard what chotte said.Right?How can he?

Deva:Anjali bitiya..you know how chotte is.No one can change his decision.He is that stubborn.So you please get ready to get him married.Otherwise like you he will also remain single.
Anjali became upset.

Arnav rang up Khushi.Khushi got excited seeing his name on screen.
K:Wow..finally Arnav accepted defeat and called me.I won..he lost.

I know that he can’t be angry with me for a long time.

She kept the phone on her ear happily.

But when she started talking to Arnav,she became arrogant.
K:Laad Governor,how dare you call me?
Arn:Khushi,I know that I hurt you.But I am sorry.
K:Sorry?I don’t need your sorry.
Arn:Oh Khushi…I want to meet you.Please..it’s urgent.

K:Ok..will meet.
Arnav smiled:That means you are no more angry with me?

K:When did I tell you that?I am willing to meet you as I am in a mood to shout at you.Because you deserve it Laad Governor.
Arnav smiled:Ok ok..Now cut the phone and open the door.
Khushi cut the call and smiled:Means Arnav is here to surprise me..so sweet.But I can’t surrender so easily.

Khushi put attitude and opened the door.Arnav was standing there with a bouquet of flowers..

K:So finally you are here?

Arn:Can i come in?

Arn:Khushi…I came here to apologize to you for being so rude.
Khushi took the bouquet from him.He smiled.
K:Don’t smile.I accepted this only because I love flowers,not because I forgave you.
Arn:Oh no Khushi..come on..
K:No.Khushi Kumari Gupta won’t accept defeat so fast.Don’t even dream of that.Understand?

Arn:Ok..But Khushi…I am really sorry for my rude behaviour.And..
Khushi ridiculed him:Oh really?What is the sudden reason of being so guilty?

Arn:Actually Khushi…
K:What ever you say,how many sorrys you say I won’t forgive you Laad Governor.
Arn:Khushi,it’s not the right time to fight.
K:Oh really?During romance you had the right to fight with me.You can fight at any time,but I can’t.

So nice Laad Governor.
Arn:Oh Khushi…
K:I don’t want to hear anything Arnav.
Suddenly Arnav pulled her closer forcefully and stared at her face:You need to listen to me damn it.
Arn:You are right Khushi.Anjali di has a past.
Khushi was shocked:What?
Arn:And the past is shocking…because…
K:Because..?Why is her past shocking Arnav?Tell me fast.I am restless.

Arnav told everything to Khushi leaving her in complete shock.
Suddenly they heard a voice from inside:Khushi…who is there?
K:Oh bhaiyya..
Arn:Your bhaiyya will kill me as he is angry with me for delaying our marriage.
K:Better escape Arnav.
Arn:Oh no.

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